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    1. Will Green Shoots Flourish in U.S. and Latin America?


      Thu, 6 Jun 2013

      Janus Fund JANSX Impact: Positive 02-01-06 Janus Mercury JAMRX manager David Corkins took over the struggling flagship fund ..... taken this fund off of our Analyst Picks list. Janus Mercury JAMRX Impact: Negative 02-01-06 Corkins has moved to Janus Fund

    2. Can Janus' Core Funds Keep Up With its Ambition?


      Tue, 2 Apr 2013

      firm gave its analysts the ability to establish their own track records with the launches of the analyst-run Janus Research JAMRX and Janus Global Research JAWWX. These moves were ultimately good for the firm’s investing culture but represented a change

    3. Janus' Third Strike


      Fri, 12 Sep 2003

      was Enron's largest shareholder and one of its biggest cheerleaders. (See this list of stock picks from ex-Janus Mercury JAMRX manager Warren Lammert.) In all, Janus destroyed an astounding amount of shareholder capital during the bear market. Icarus

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