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    1. Portfolio Advice - 401k and Roth


      Fri, 17 Jan 2014

      investments? Thanks! Steve Below is my company's 401k offerings: Large Cap RGAGX - American Funds Growth Fund of Amer. HACAX - Harbor Capital Appreciation Inst. VIFSX - Vanguard 500 Index Signal VEIRX - Vanguard Equity-Income Adm. Mid Cap GSMCX

    2. Are U.S. Large-Cap Funds Overvalued?


      Thu, 5 Dec 2013

      beginning of the year. The price/fair value ratio is not a buy or sell signal. In January, Harbor Capital Appreciation HACAX sported the highest ratio, at 1.04. (It is now 1.13.) As noted then, there was no cause for alarm: The portfolio

    3. Inside Morningstar's 401(k)


      Mon, 19 Sep 2011

      ForeignLgVal 0.65 Multiple -0.62 16 Harbor Capital App HACAX Large Growth 0.67 Spiros Segalas 4.09 17 Loomis Sayles Bond ..... largely sparing large-value stocks. Harbor Capital Appreciation HACAX Manager Sig Segalas hasn't named a retirement date, but it

    4. A Solid Batting Average for Our Fund Analyst Picks


      Mon, 22 Jan 2007

      absolute terms our weakest picks were Vanguard Inflation-Protected Securities VIPSX (0.43%), Harbor Capital Appreciation HACAX (2.33%), and PIMCO Foreign Bond (U.S. Dollar-Hedged) PFODX (2.48%). However, all three actually performed

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