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  1. New IRA! Help with choices at fido


    Thu, 15 May 2014

    don't posess the desire or knowhow to actually day trade in the account, so I'm looking at mutual funds. I've chosen ftqgx 40%, fsmvx 20%, fcpgx 10%, figrx 20%, and femkx 10% as my allocation. I've considered tweaking it around a little

  2. what's wrong with this!


    Tue, 29 Apr 2014

    returns went down to 1.5% on the portfolio!! I hold DISSX, FBMPX, FBSOX, FMILX, FPHAX, FSCHX, FSEMX, FSEVX, FSRPX, FTQGX , FTRNX, GASFX and SPHIX about 50K portfolio... am i freaking out? or the way i did the distribution is all messed up

  3. Domestic fund suggestions?


    Thu, 17 Apr 2014

    funds that trade NTF at fidelity, but don't let that stop you from suggesting something. my current large cap favorite is ftqgx , mid is bptrx, and small is hdpsx. please list any alternatives you guys think are good and your reasoning for your suggestions

  4. Up Market or Down, These Funds Have Beaten Their Benchmarks


    Wed, 19 Mar 2014

    Capture Ratio Difference Star Rating Analyst Rating Amana Growth AMAGX Lg Growth 102.15 83.55 18.60 Silver Fidelity Foc Stk FTQGX Lg Growth 115.79 98.20 17.59 N/A Sterling Cap Sp Op BOPAX Lg Growth 104.05 87.09 16.96 N/A Fidelity Adv New

  5. Money in transition


    Thu, 11 Jul 2013

    I am moving about $66K from my wife's retirement account to a Fido IRA and plan to invest in: AMJ FTQGX VEIPX KBWY FIGRX Given the record close today,should I wait for a while before investing the funds? Your opinion is appreciated. Sammy

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