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    1. PRBLX+JABAX+GLRBX for a balanced portfolio?


      Thu, 4 Jun 2015

      primarily looking at M and C allocation fund since I prefer the risk-return character of this category. I narrowed down to FBALX , OAKBX, JABAX, GLRBX, VWINX. and liked JABAX+GLRBX the most so far (wife's account is heavy on VWINX). Thinking

    2. Holdings for the Holidays


      Wed, 26 Nov 2014

      BWG 2.77% DMO 3.12% FPF 7.11% GBAB 6.88% HPS 7.46% JPI 2.93% PDI 10.44% PFN 3.36% FI CEF 44.08% FBALX 3.18% FBMPX 3.21% FGBLX 3.18% FPACX 1.60% FPURX 1.58% FSHCX 3.19% MAPOX 1.59% PONDX 3.17% VGSTX 1

    3. Adding a segment of OEF's


      Mon, 17 Nov 2014

      For maybe B&H. I'm thinking maybe 4 or 5 similar to VWINX or FBALX ... or maybe different from those 2 - depending upon what suggestions I get. This segment is for about 20-25% of my IRA

    4. 5 Star funds that bombed


      Fri, 22 Aug 2014

      time I bought them and have continued to excel -- including FCNTX, FSICX, ARTKX and others. Some of the funds that have made the most money for me, have rarely received more than 3-4 star ratings -- including DRSVX, FRESX, FBALX .

    5. tax efficient balanced fund ?


      Wed, 4 Jun 2014

      taxable account ? I now have the Fidelity Total stock market but I think I'd be more comfortable with less risk. We are in the 25% fed. Tax bracket and live inCalifornia. i was thinking about OAKBX or Fidelity Balanced . your thoughts ?

    6. M* charts not working!


      Tue, 20 May 2014

      I just tried to go to pull up some charts for a number of funds and it appears that M* charts are not functioning properly. FGBLX is shown as an invalid ticker. When I FBALX , it pulls up FSAGX chart etc. I have posted this on M* forum here ..... Anil

    7. Fund charts not working


      Tue, 20 May 2014

      know it is a valid symbol. When I tried another FBALX ( Fidelity Balanced fund) it came up with info, but when I clicked ..... chart, it went to a chart of FSAGX! Also, in the FBALX chart, when I want to compare to another fund say

    8. Rebalancing or Replacing Balanced Funds


      Fri, 21 Mar 2014

      portfolio. Thanks. BUFBX (Bond -16%) (2013 Yield - 16.68%) (YTD -2.63%) VLAAX (22) (20.32) (1.34) FBALX (23) (20.50) (2.33) VWELX (33) (19.66) (1.74) VILLX (33) (22.89) (-2.46) FFFDX (32) (13

    9. making changes ?


      Thu, 9 Jan 2014

      I am 58 and want to know if this portfolio is okay. Cash acct: Fbalx . 43k. Cash. 15k. Fstvx 23 k opgix 17.5 k. Opmsx 11 k. Oppax. 14.5 k Trust acct.: Fasmx 97k. Fdmxx 2k. Feqtx 66 k

    10. What is fidelity's best balanced fund?


      Sat, 23 Nov 2013

      I am trying to find a good fidelity balanced fund. FASMX -fidelity asset manager 50 - gets a good review but...?? Opinions, insights, ideas welcome. Thanks.

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