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  1. 5 Emerging-Markets Medalists Weather the Storm


    Thu, 12 Mar 2015

    advantages and strong growth rates, but the frontier elements make the fund stand out. Silver-rated DFA Emerging Markets Value DFEVX lagged its peers a bit with a 1.6% loss, showing that it wasn’t a clean sweep for all passive strategies the past 12 months

  2. New Options in my T-C Plan


    Sun, 25 Jan 2015

    Institutional. (a) I already invest in DODGX, and a couple of international equities funds: RERGX (AF Europacific R6) and DFEVX (DFA EM). The global DODWX might be a good addition to my port -- a kind of blend of DODGX and DODFX. But I'm optimisic

  3. Favorite Long-Term Retirement Holdings


    Sun, 29 Jun 2014

    that have the highest long-term returns, but which are too volatile for any shorter time frame: DFA Emerging Markets Value DFEVX , Oppenheimer Developing Markets ODMAX, DFA International Small Cap Value DISVX, DFA US Small Cap Value DFSVX, and Vanguard

  4. Which DFA Funds to Sell?


    Fri, 6 Jun 2014

    Currently have DFMVX 9% of total port. 163% gain since inception DFQTX 30% 142% gain DFGEX 2.3% 89% DFVQX 9% 85% DFEVX 2.5% 75% DFALX 2.3% 64% DFVEX .8% 53% About 55% of my total port is in DFA funds now. The rest is in cash and a

  5. Seeking PORT advice...please review current and offer suggestions


    Tue, 6 May 2014

    View Oppenheimer Global OPPAX $78.55 View Vanguard Total International Index VTSGX $34.10 View DFA Emerging Market Value DFEVX $27.87 View Vanguard Target Retirement Income VTINX $12.72 View Vanguard Target Retirement 2015 VTXVX $15.09 View Vanguard

  6. new 401K


    Fri, 27 Sep 2013

    PTRAX, VWEHX, VIPSX, VBIIX, VBINX, RGAEX, CSRSX, ACRNX, DFTVX, FCNTX, VFINX, VEXPX, VIMSX, VMRGX, VWNFX, DODFX, DFEVX , VDMIX, VWIGX, VGHCX, VMMXX. I have over 20 yrs to go and am a late starter. I am 45 and dont have much in retirement

  7. Readers Discuss: Are Emerging Markets a Buy?


    Sun, 4 Aug 2013

    of emerging markets in my portfolio at about 15%. All of this is concentrated in a single fund, DFA Emerging Markets Value DFEVX . I've had that percentage allocated to emerging markets for about two years now (only been seriously investing for three

  8. Dividend Payers, Vanguard Wellington Top Readers' Lists of High-Conviction Holdings


    Sun, 8 Jan 2012

    will never sell off, I have several. Since I am a value investor, DFA US Small Cap Value DFSVX, DFA Emerging Markets Value DFEVX , DFA US Large Cap Value DFLVX, DFA International Value DFIVX, and DFA International Small Cap Value DISVX are highest, with

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