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  1. Funds That Buy Like Buffett, 2014


    Thu, 1 May 2014

    Wells Fargo from among Buffet's top 10, and American Express and Wells Fargo are the two biggest holdings of Davis Financial RPFGX , a fund managed by Davis (and by Feinberg before his retirement) that would be on this list but is excluded because it's

  2. Need help choosing the best funds in my 401K


    Fri, 17 Jan 2014

    Fund (Z) ACRNX Columbia Dividend Income Fund (Z) GSFTX Columbia Small Cap Core Fund (Z) SMCEX Davis Financial Fund (A) RPFGX Dodge & Cox International Stock Fund DODFX Fidelity Advisor Technology Fund (I) FATIX Fidelity Contrafund FCNTX Janus Balanced

  3. Is there anything one can do if employer's 401(k) plan choices and returns suck?


    Mon, 16 Dec 2013

    Group VIFSX PIMCO Funds PRFAX PIMCO Funds PTRAX Franklin Templeton Investments TGBAX MetLife MF4487 INVESCO Family of Funds FSTEX Cohen & Steers Funds CSRSX MFS FUNDS MMUFX Allianz Funds RAGTX T. Rowe Price PRHSX Davis Funds RPFGX Thank you!

  4. The Case for a Concentrated 1-Star Fund


    Tue, 5 Mar 2013

    but they can do better. They are seasoned investors whose long-term records at Selected American SLADX, Davis Financial RPFGX , and the Davis Concentrated Equity separate account remain strong. Despite some suspect stock-picking in recent years

  5. DFIBX Davis Financial B Fund Analysis, Report, Research, 5 Star Rating – Morningstar

    Fund Reports

    Thu, 11 Aug 2011

    There may be only a handful of financial funds that can answer whether there is still money to be made in this sector, and Davis Financial , a top category performer, is one of them. Being one of the cheapest funds gives it an inherent advantage over peers, but

  6. RPFGX Davis Financial A ETF Analysis, Report, Research, 5 Star Rating – Morningstar

    Fund Reports

    Mon, 3 Dec 2001

    A rough year, but we believe it remains one of the category's finer choices.

  7. RPEAX Davis Opportunity A ETF Analysis, Report, Research, 5 Star Rating – Morningstar

    Fund Reports

    Mon, 19 Nov 2001

    them to develop good information sources within a company. Solid results at Davis New York Venture nytvx and Davis Financial rpfgx bear out the managers' skill. And a strong team of analysts helps execute the pair's strategy. Analysts here have a fair

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