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    1. Buy Cornerstone Progressive Stock At A Discount


      Tue, 22 Apr 2014

      By Tom Dorsey: On April 21, 2014, Cornerstone Progressive Return Fund (NYSE: CFP ) announced on its website that it has fixed the close of business on May 1, 2014 as the record date for determination of shareholders

    2. Is Wealthy U.S. Exceptional?


      Mon, 9 Dec 2013

      obtaining happiness and safety.” The right to buy, own, build and grow one’s estate through ownership has been a cornerstone in the exceptionalism of America as the oldest and continuous constitutional republic in the world. For all we hear about growth ..... Johns Creek, Ga., on Nov. 9, in honor of Veteran’s Day. Follow AdviceIQ on Twitter at @adviceiq . Lewis Walker, CFP , is president of Walker Capital Management Corp. and Walker Capital Advisory Services, Inc., a Registered Investment

    3. The Un-Wisdom of Crowds


      Thu, 8 Mar 2012

      hide then, other than low-yielding Treasury bonds. However, diversification always reasserts itself and remains the cornerstone of prudent investing. Diversification simply means having exposure to many assets classes (different types of bonds ..... tools that give you ideas about ways to increase your diversification and simultaneously lower your risk. Eve Kaplan, CFP , is a fee-only advisor in Berkeley Heights, N.J. Kaplan Financial Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor in

    4. Income-Oriented Investors: Are You Robbing Peter to Pay Paul?


      Wed, 8 Dec 2010

      receive is their own capital. But there are a number of bad return-of-capital strategies in the closed-end fund realm. Cornerstone Progressive Return CFP , a closed-end fund, serves as a great illustration. On the surface, the fund appears to be just what yield-seekers

    5. A Deep Look at Pimco Global Stocks Plus (PGP)


      Wed, 1 Dec 2010

      s today are often reserved for the Cornerstone Funds ( CFP , CLM, CRF) which have frequently been ..... model if very well recognized in the Cornerstone Funds. The Cornerstone Funds’ ( CFP , CLM, CRF) disclosures as to their

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