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  1. Oil Prices and Fed Policy Shape Putnam’s 2015 Outlook


    Wed, 15 Apr 2015

    tandem with other financial markets. Commodity risk is particularly high at this time, as a key indicator, the CBOE Oil ETF VIX Index, closed out 2014 above 50. Currency We continue to favor the U.S. dollar. The pillars for U.S. dollar

  2. From Barron’s, April 6, 2015 (Part 1)


    Sat, 4 Apr 2015

    its earnings on April 15 are recommended; more complex strategies may also involve puts. Trading volume slump in VIX is pressing CBOE and making it an attractive takeover target for ICE , etc; selling a paired call and put are recommended. Pg M13, Commodities

  3. A New Playbook for Diversification


    Wed, 25 Mar 2015

    levels, as measured by the Chicago Board Options Exchange Market Volatility Index ( VIX ). A breakdown of returns ..... in client portfolios. VIX levels Specifically, when ..... three-year average of the VIX is either above 21 or below

  4. American Century CIO Insights: First Quarter 2015


    Tue, 10 Mar 2015

    market volatility (as measured by the Chicago Board Options Exchange [ CBOE ] VIX ® Index1—see the graph below) and elevated returns ..... challenges they are addressing. 1 The Chicago Board Options Exchange ( CBOE ) VIX Index tracks the expected 30

  5. 10 Forecasts for 2015


    Wed, 25 Feb 2015

    year with relatively low volatility. This means stocks prices didn’t jump around much. The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index is now at a relatively quiet 13.2, but has been as high as 25. Traders view anything below

  6. Great Expectations for Small-Cap Active Management


    Wed, 25 Feb 2015

    were stable, and volatility, as measured by the VIX , reached the end of June at its lowest level since 2007 ..... large-cap stocks, excluding the United States. The CBOE Volatility Index ( VIX ) measures market expectations of near-term volatility

  7. From Barron’s, February 16, 2015 (Part 1)


    Sat, 14 Feb 2015

    has put the brakes on the popular long-near- VIX , short-farther- VIX trade. So, the CBOE [fwd P/E 22] missed on its earnings expectations ..... by ICE [fwd P/E 16]. Those willing to buy CBOE may sell puts, or hang on to their short-puts

  8. SPY LEAP options+ spreads


    Sat, 7 Feb 2015

    experience years ago with options. Recall then purchase price was ask and to sell received the bid. So, am looking at CBOE numbers for standard option contract for Dec 2017 for SPY at strike price of 150. The 'bid' is 58.81 and the 'ask

  9. From Barron’s, January 12, 2015 (Part 1)


    Mon, 12 Jan 2015

    starting out with high volatility . Last week, the VIX ranged from 16-23 and some option trades benefitted ..... volatility. However, a better way to play is via CBOE that has monopoly over VIX ; selling puts on CBOE is recommended [ one can pocket the premium if

  10. Dropping Coverage of CBOE Holdings


    Mon, 29 Dec 2014

    We are dropping coverage of CBOE Holdings. We provide broad coverage of more than 1,400 companies across more than 140 industries and adjust our coverage as necessary based on client demand and investor interest.

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