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Sarbanes-Oxley Act

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  1. Alibaba’s IPO: What’s behind the ‘Thousand-pound Gorilla’?


    Wed, 14 May 2014

    willing to endure the harsh spotlight of this market. “It really does make a difference,” he says. The Sarbanes - Oxley Act , or SOX, was crafted following a series of high-profile accounting scandals involving Enron, Tyco, WorldCom

  2. The Importance of Assessing Corporate Governance in Emerging-Market Investing


    Mon, 1 Jul 2013

    demise of Enron and other companies embroiled in accounting scandals, the U.S. government in 2002 passed the Sarbanes - Oxley Act , also known as the “Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act.” Comparable corporate malfeasance

  3. A Premature Eulogy for Public Companies?


    Fri, 12 Oct 2012

    must contend with, Skeel says. The costs of dealing with regulation did indeed rise with the passage of the 2002 Sarbanes - Oxley Act , in the wake of the Enron and WorldCom scandals, he notes. “Certainly, the push for corporate governance

  4. What’s in a Title? Overcoming a ‘Crisis’ of CEO Credibility


    Mon, 6 Aug 2012

    specifically of CEOs — has also increased, especially after the Enron and WorldCom debacles and the resulting Sarbanes - Oxley Act of 2002, which requires all senior executives to sign off on financial documents. Meanwhile, the Dodd-Frank

  5. The End of Exorbitant CEO Exit Packages? Don’t Hold Your Breath


    Thu, 19 Jul 2012

    packages came in 2002 and then came quickly crashing down after the Enron and WorldCom scandals and passage of the Sarbanes - Oxley Act , which strengthened reporting standards for public firms. The scandals also prompted a review of how executive payouts are

  6. New Morningstar Analyst Report for Gol Intelligent Airlines, Inc.

    Stock Reports

    Wed, 28 Mar 2012

    the first Latin American companies to give the relevant officer certifications under Section 404 of the U.S. Sarbanes - Oxley Act of 2002--and the controlling family has tremendous experience in the Brazilian transportation market. Furthermore

  7. New Morningstar Analyst Report - Digital Realty Trust

    Stock Reports

    Fri, 14 Oct 2011

    late 1990s was absorbed. Other developments also have ushered in new interest for data centers: Laws such as the Sarbanes - Oxley Act require public companies to maintain financial records for longer periods; Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hastened

  8. Hide and Seek with Earnings Management


    Fri, 24 Jun 2011

    In 2002, the Sarbanes - Oxley Act (SOX) set stringent new accounting and board standards for publicly held US companies in the wake of widespread fraud at Enron

  9. Betting on the Jockeys


    Fri, 8 Apr 2011

    regulation. In 2002, the Sarbanes - Oxley Act was enacted in an attempt to ..... 2008, Six Years of the Sarbanes - Oxley Act , The CPA Journal, August 2008 ..... Press, 2007. Print. “ Sarbanes - Oxley Act of 2002.” One Hundred Seventh

  10. A Stock Exchange Needs More Than A Big Tree


    Wed, 23 Feb 2011

    place to raise capital, misguided and overreaching regulations in the U.S. are driving companies away. The Sarbanes - Oxley Act , also known as the “Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act,” has been particularly damaging

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