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  1. How Money Can Buy Happiness


    Wed, 20 May 2015

    free by your targeted retirement age. The cash flow impact of having no mortgage payment while starting to collect Social Security at your full retirement age ( 66 for current baby boomers) is equivalent to the cash flow derived from a little over

  2. Brazil sets forex rules for corporate taxes, cuts social levy


    Wed, 20 May 2015

    RIO DE JANEIRO, May 20 (Reuters) - Brazil issued new rules on how companies account for exchange-rate variations used in the calculation of income taxes and several key social security levies, a move...

  3. From Barron’s, May 18, 2015 (Part 2)


    Sat, 16 May 2015

    about 5-10% of the US GDP and this includes criminals, illegals, and non-criminals trying to protect their Social Security benefits. Pg 34: The DC piece argues that the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve [SPR] is no longer needed and its

  4. Why Boomers’ Grim Outlook?


    Fri, 15 May 2015

    but excluding pensions and Social Security . Thus, boomers should have ..... not. On top of all of this, Social Security , which has been a mainstay for ..... 1980s. The formula shift means Social Security benefits cover less of a person

  5. Retiree Confidence Surprise


    Thu, 14 May 2015

    his retirement fully funded by age 45. In the U.S. and most other developed countries, government programs like Social Security have become the retirement plan of the masses. Yet the majority in developed countries doesn’t seem to find comfort

  6. 4 Pitfalls When Claiming Social Security

    Video Reports

    Tue, 12 May 2015

    Benz for Morningstar.com. Social Security claiming strategies can be devilishly ..... mistakes that investors make in Social Security claiming is Phil Moeller, he ..... author of a new book about Social Security called Get What's Yours . Phil

    Social Security found at 0:06, 1:28, 3:35

    Christine Benz: Hi, I'm Christine Benz for Morningstar.com. Social Security claiming strategies can be devilishly complicated. Joining me to discuss some of the frequent mistakes that investors make in Social Security claiming is Phil Moeller, he is the co-author of a new book about Social Security called Get What's Yours . Phil, congratulations on the book. Thank you for being here. Philip Moeller: It's my pleasure, Christine. Benz: Let's talk about some of the key pitfalls. You deal a lot with individuals grappling with Social Security questions and problems; let's cycle through some of the key pitfalls that you observe while working with individuals. One of them, you say, is relying on break-even analysis to guide your decision-making--thinking about potentially investing Social Security proceeds. You say that individuals should actually think about Social Security more as an insurance policy. Moeller: Absolutely. But I will say one of the strongest discussions we have with readers is this
    "Why should I possibly wait to take benefits?" Our feeling is that Social Security is the absolute best longevity insurance we have. The payments are guaranteed by the government. It's maybe not what it used to be, but it's the best we have. They are inflation-protected. And the tax rate on Social Security is never more than 85% on your federal tax returns in terms of the number of dollars that are taxed. So, we think Social Security dollars are the valuable dollars and the ones you should really hold on to. But because of gains in longevity, the average
    avoid deeming. And I would say even people who are steeped in Social Security decision-making may not have heard this term. So, let's talk about deeming--what it is and how it comes into play. Moeller: Again, when you take a benefit before full retirement age, which is 66 for people nearing retirement today, if you claim your retirement benefit before that age, under Social Security rules, you will also be deemed to be taking any other eligible benefits. So, for example, if you're eligible to take a spousal benefit, you would be taking both of those and Social Security will not pay you the full amount of each of those benefits. It will pay you an amount roughly equal to the
  7. Refilling the cash "Bucket"


    Mon, 11 May 2015

    some sort of "bucket" strategy. My wife and I retired in Dec 2014 with no pensions. We will wait 7 years to claim Social Security , living solely on our investments. We have 3 years in our cash "bucket". My question is: Are you filling-up

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    Mon, 11 May 2015

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  9. From Barron’s, May 11, 2015 (Part 2)


    Sat, 9 May 2015

    82% . [ Dividend 2%; history of dividend growth and buybacks; cash/share $11.41 ] Pg 27: A long piece on Social Security that claims that since 2000, it has been overestimating revenues, underestimating costs, and underestimating life

  10. China's Social Security Fund eyes stake in Brightoil -sources


    Fri, 8 May 2015

    168 million) sale of shares in Brightoil Petroleum has attracted interest from investors including China's Social Security Fund, two sources close to the deal said, underscoring support for the country's mixed-ownership reforms.

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