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  1. University broadens retirement planning options


    Thu, 11 Sep 2014

    This is a Cornell Univerisity article but it may indicate the beginning of a trend, at least for systems/institutions with T-C (and Fidelity) retirement plans, or it may just be an effort by Corenll for it employees. LINK . No exceerpts. Read it if it is of interest to you. Ray

  2. Longevity: How Long is the Journey Through Retirement?


    Tue, 9 Sep 2014

    What does this mean for investing retirement assets? Clearly, life expectancy has profound implications for retirement planning —especially for women who, in general, tend to live longer than men. This life expectancy bonus will result

  3. 3 Investments Retirees Don't Really Need

    Video Reports

    Tue, 2 Sep 2014

    Retirees should think twice before adding foreign-currency-denominated bonds, dedicated emerging-markets funds, and alternatives to their portfolios, says Morningstar's Christine Benz.

  4. Benz: 5 Fund Picks for Conservative Retirees

    Video Reports

    Tue, 19 Aug 2014

    Retired investors can tilt their portfolios to the safer side with these funds, says Morningstar's Christine Benz.

  5. The Future Agenda


    Thu, 14 Aug 2014

    Glossary B-Information and Administrative Services C-TIAA-CREF Branch Offices D-Research Studies E- Retirement Planning Services F-Statistical Addendum G-Statutes Governing the Boards It's about 100 8 1/2 x 11 pages, perfect

  6. Think Twice Before Giving These Defensive Funds the Heave-Ho


    Wed, 13 Aug 2014

    within the next five years. It could also stand in as "bucket 2" for investors employing the bucket system for retirement planning . Its asset allocation is milder than its conservative-allocation peers, which helps explain its lackluster

  7. Customize Your Income-Replacement Rate for Retirement


    Mon, 11 Aug 2014

    The retirement - planning arena is full of "rules" that ..... over a 30-year period. Yet, retirement - planning experts also agree that the most ..... nudge up your baseline income for retirement - planning purposes, because your current

  8. Target-Date Funds: What Retirement Savers Should Know


    Thu, 7 Aug 2014

    from it. Two Crucial Words You Need to Know About Target-Date Funds The One-Stop-Shopping Investment for Retirement Planning The Hidden Risks of Target-Date Funds Know Your Target-Date Fund's True Target Date The Two Options With

  9. 3 Retiree Pitfalls in a Still-Lofty Market

    Video Reports

    Wed, 6 Aug 2014

    Beware the dangers of complacency, remember the virtues of defensive holdings, and resist the temptation to overreach for yield, says Morningstar's Christine Benz.

  10. Can You Afford to Retire Early?


    Fri, 1 Aug 2014

    Poor health, unanticipated expenses or a downturn in the financial markets could wreak havoc on the most careful retirement planning . The first line of defense is emergency cash. Retirees should have enough on hand to cover six months to a year

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