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  1. Higher Estate Taxes: Bad Idea


    Tue, 3 Mar 2015

    investors both inside and outside of the U.S., including Canadian investors, who have seen the benchmark S & P / TSX Composite Index drop almost 11% (as of publication) since July 19. This may have caused pain for some: Margin debt in

  2. 3 Drivers, 2 Months, 1 Gold Rally?


    Wed, 9 Nov 2011

    While the spot gold price has differed from the S & P / TSX Composite Index of gold equities during the first 10 months of ..... their gold production beyond 1.5 years. The S & P / TSX Composite Index is a capitalization-weighted index designed

  3. Back in the Black


    Tue, 9 Mar 2010

    finished higher. The Materials sector (+5.3%) was the best performing while Telecom (+0.7%) was the laggard. The Canadian market, as measured by the S & P / TSX Composite Index , rose 3.0%. Click here to read entire report

  4. Industrial Alliance Reports 2Q Results


    Tue, 28 Jul 2009

    were released into earnings. Because no additional capital is required to support these liabilities when the S & P / TSX Composite Index is trading above 9,000 points, Industrial Alliance currently has the capacity to absorb a 15% decline in

  5. Industrial Alliance Reports 1Q Results


    Wed, 6 May 2009

    concerns about asset quality and capital adequacy continue to overhang the industry. With a 22% decline in the S & P / TSX Composite Index required before Industrial Alliance would need to further increase reserve levels, we think the firm has a

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