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  1. Patiently Waiting on Mean Reversion


    Fri, 19 Sep 2014

    equity prices at the beginning of the year. There may be some truth to Yellen’s remark, an ideological echo of former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan’s now-famous “irrational exuberance,” his description of investors’ rosy attitude toward dotcom startups of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Much of

  2. TABLE-Emerging markets' Fed-fuelled rout in 2013


    Fri, 12 Sep 2014

    Emerging markets suffered a torrid sell-off last year after the then-chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke , hinted that the U.S. central bank could soon start cutting back on its bond-buying. But investors are betting

  3. Low Wages Keep Rates Low


    Wed, 20 Aug 2014

    people are in the labor force. But it’s already way past the 6.5% trigger for higher rates set by then- Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke . Additionally, the number of employed persons – as well as job openings – is back to where it was before the

  4. Mrs. Sandman


    Mon, 18 Aug 2014

    it decides to raise interest rates. Janet Yellen is now the Sandman, having taken over the duties of Sandman from Ben Bernanke in February. Save for her “six months” comment in March, when she appeared to indicate the Fed might raise interest

  5. A (Jackson) Hole Lot of Nothing


    Mon, 18 Aug 2014

    Fed cut rates at its September meeting. Ben Bernanke used the 2011 and 2012 conferences to argue ..... s event was rather forgettable. Then- Chairman Bernanke did not even attend. Instead of Bernanke , the conference featured Stanley Fischer and

  6. From Barron’s, ETF Handbook, August 4, 2014


    Sat, 2 Aug 2014

    in a sector freeze, the ETFs may become the markets themselves as the last remaining liquid vehicles. In May 2013, after Bernanke ’s taper talk, Philippines EPHE ranged from 4.7% premium to 6.1% discount over 9 days ; the HY muni HYMB had 5

  7. What Will Undo the Low-Rate Environment?


    Sat, 19 Jul 2014

    interest rates have tumbled is the "global savings glut." Bernanke gets credit for the term. Faster income growth in emerging ..... interest rates reflect scarcity of "safe," liquid assets. ( Bernanke has mentioned this also .) Quantitative easing may have compressed

  8. Grantham on Bubbles, Pipelines, and Population Growth


    Fri, 18 Jul 2014

    statement that she is sticking faithfully to the Greenspan- Bernanke policy of extreme moral hazard. She will not use interest ..... encourage extreme speculation. But Yellen will, as Greenspan and Bernanke before her, attempt to limit only the damage any breaking

  9. Pros & Cons of the Fed's Strategy


    Sun, 6 Jul 2014

    easing monetary policy substantially during downturns, while tightening only modestly during recoveries (ie the Greenspan and Bernanke “puts”). On this view, monetary policy has been too easy on average, leading to a long term upward trend in debt

  10. One Big Idea


    Thu, 3 Jul 2014

    with R in this case being the real rate of interest that may be substantially lower than prior levels. Ex- Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has argued in private conversations that R is lower because G (growth) will be equally lower in future years

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