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  1. Fed Policy Goes Back To The Future


    Mon, 14 Apr 2014

    a more discretionary approach to monetary policy marks a notable change from the path taken by the prior Fed chair, Ben Bernanke , and a return to a more familiar style reminiscent of Alan Greenspan and, perhaps, Paul Volcker. Indeed, the bond

  2. Short Duration: Rising-Rate Resilience


    Tue, 8 Apr 2014

    beginning to 2013 in terms of performance and volatility, bond investors recoiled in June in response to then- Fed - Chairman Bernanke ’s indication that the Fed could begin tapering in 2013. Bond market volatility spiked and yields rose. While

  3. Markets and Economy: Put the Big Picture in Perspective

    Video Reports

    Mon, 7 Apr 2014

    a lot of the worse of what we had seen? Johnson: I think we're through the worst of it and [former Fed chair] Ben Bernanke said a couple of times, citing a Congressional Budget Office document that maybe we took a 1% to 1.5% off of the

  4. Sprott's John Embry: Gold And Silver Making A Bottom?


    Sun, 6 Apr 2014

    JP: What are your comments on the new Fed's new chairwoman Janet Yellen's monetary policies and tapering moving forward from here? JE: I think I've said before that I view Janet Yellen as " Ben Bernanke lite," Complete Story »

  5. Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire


    Thu, 3 Apr 2014

    call forward guidance. Former Fed Chair Bernanke explained “[The] degree of accommodation provided by monetary ..... time based” guidance (highlighted in Bernanke ’s quote above that anchors long-term rates ..... YTM 3.42, Overweight). 1 Ben S. Bernanke , “Communication and Monetary Policy

  6. You Call That Tapering?


    Wed, 2 Apr 2014

    bond markets. However, the Fed doesn’t see any tapering of influence. Approaching the end of his tenure, Chairman Ben Bernanke asserted that Federal actions would continue to maintain downward pressure on long-term interest rates – by keeping

  7. Centennial to Celebrate – The Federal Reserve Looks Forward to Its Next 100 Years


    Mon, 31 Mar 2014

    its objectives. To this day, the institution has mixed feelings about the media. I never thought I would see a sitting Fed chairman appear on “60 Minutes” or Fed presidents as morning hosts on CNBC. This has helped market the central bank’s message

  8. Our Take on the First Quarter


    Mon, 31 Mar 2014

    time. The Fed remained a key focus, as well, for investors as Janet Yellen took the reins of the central bank from Ben Bernanke . The Federal Open Market Committee, following its most recent meetings, stayed the course on tapering its quantitative

  9. Quantitative Easing’s Elusive Targets


    Fri, 28 Mar 2014

    While many of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke ’s actions have been termed “QE,” he distinguished ..... targeted credit easing, and using Bernanke ’s own objectives, we can define ..... and support labor markets, as Bernanke suggested. Under normal conditions

  10. Detailed Case To Short The S&P 500: This Time Isn't Different


    Mon, 24 Mar 2014

    downside risk, and we have recommended short positions in a market where it seems like this strategy would not work due to the " Bernanke put" that states the Fed will guarantee stocks will never go down in a meaningful way. This thinking is misguided and dangerous

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