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  1. Looking Past Negativity to See Opportunity


    Mon, 16 Jul 2012

    I recently spoke at FreedomFest in Vegas along with the world’s best and brightest minds, such as Steve Forbes , Senator Rand Paul, and Whole Foods CEO John Mackey. I discussed the growing global demand of resources and gold to a crowd

  2. The Recovery of the US Economy Continues


    Tue, 6 Mar 2012

    prices over the balance of 2012. In mid-February, I had the opportunity to sit down for a lengthy interview with Steve Forbes as part of his Intelligent Investing feature. The discussion covered a baker’s dozen of our undervalued stock picks

  3. No Golden Charm To Fix Our Money Problems


    Thu, 16 Jun 2011

    meant no such thing. Since then, however, the idea of a new gold standard has steadily gained traction . Media mogul Steve Forbes has predicted that the U.S. will adopt a gold standard in the next five years . The idea simply “makes too much

  4. The Math of the New Drilling Boom


    Wed, 30 Mar 2011

    baby,drill." But this does not address the energy crisis we are flying into. I usually agree with Kudlow and Steve Forbes as well, but when they assume that the free capital markets will solve the oil problem, as Forbes predicted in 2006

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