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  1. New Morningstar Analyst Report - Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc

    Stock Reports

    Mon, 15 Aug 2011

    structure of the spin-off that created Motorola Mobility, the firm has $3 billion in cash and no debt. Motorola Mobility is led by chairman and CEO Sanjay Jha , who led Motorola 's handset business before it was spun

  2. Life After Qualcomm: Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha's Big Reward


    Thu, 6 Jan 2011

    West submits: The breakup of Motorola became effective Tuesday: Motorola Mobility ( MMI ) gets cellular ..... infrastructure business, Motorola Solutions ( MSI ) gets government ..... industrial radio clients, and Sanjay Jha gets to be COO. The split

  3. New Morningstar Analyst Report - Motorola , Inc.

    Stock Reports

    Thu, 16 Dec 2010

    home business, should give Motorola Mobility time to establish ..... due before the end of 2013, Motorola can continue to meet all of ..... opinion. After the split, Sanjay Jha will be the CEO of Mobility ..... Brown will head Solutions. Motorola will cease to exist on Jan

  4. New Morningstar Analyst Report - Motorola , Inc.

    Stock Reports

    Thu, 14 Jan 2010

    Galvin family was chosen to run Motorola . He has since been replaced ..... largely blamed for the demise of Motorola 's handset business. Brown ..... Former Qualcomm QCOM COO Sanjay Jha recently took over as CEO ..... needed technical expertise to Motorola , he is the fifth person to

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