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  1. VA Mess Shows Deeper Woes


    Wed, 2 Jul 2014

    state control is total. (Though the president did tap the private sector and called on former Procter and Gamble executive Robert McDonald to turn the agency around.) Appearing on a Las Vegas PBS show Aug. 9, 2013, Senate Majority Leader

  2. Brands and Scale Should Help P&G Hold Off Competition


    Mon, 27 Jan 2014

    Moat Rating for Procter & Gamble PG is ..... categories, but P & G 's innovation ..... and Innovation Procter & Gamble has ..... played a part in Procter & Gamble's ..... reductions. P & G lowered its employee ..... asked former CEO Bob McDonald last year whether

  3. Invest With These Exemplary Management Teams


    Sun, 26 May 2013

    Procter & Gamble PG announced Thursday that CEO Bob McDonald is stepping down immediately ..... moat as a result of P & G 's "scale and unprecedented ..... work ahead of him. P & G provides a bit of a ..... we cover (including P & G ) are given standard

  4. P&G Realizes Bounce in 2Q, but Our Luvs Lacking as We're Skeptical on How Sustainable It Proves


    Fri, 25 Jan 2013

    with the fact that Procter & Gamble PG continues ..... When we asked CEO Bob McDonald at the firm's analyst ..... development could leave P & G standing flat-footed ..... probably including P & G ) are underpricing ..... price. Overall, P & G has been plagued

  5. Changing the Tide at P&G is Likely to be a Long Journey; Shares Don't Leave Us Wanting More


    Fri, 16 Nov 2012

    earth-shattering at Procter & Gamble's PG Nov ..... isn't ingrained in P & G 's culture), as ..... Pampers in India, P & G 's gross margin ..... concerns with regards to P & G 's intentions for ..... When we asked CEO Bob McDonald whether these reductions

  6. P&G Increases and Accelerates Cost Cuts; Shares Up on the News


    Thu, 23 Feb 2012

    market performance, Procter & Gamble PG announced ..... growth. Shares of P & G are up on the news ..... December 2010 at P & G 's analyst day ..... capital strong as P & G continues to build ..... Moreover, CEO Bob McDonald acknowledged that

  7. Strong Sales and Volumes But Weak Margins in Procter's Third Quarter


    Thu, 27 Oct 2011

    Total sales at Procter & Gamble PG increased ..... We're mindful of P & G 's aggressive developing ..... according to CEO Bob McDonald , but we think the ..... quarter declined in P & G 's Beauty and Fabric ..... across the board. P & G has a number of tools

  8. P&G's CEO Elected Chairman


    Tue, 8 Dec 2009

    News that Procter & Gamble's PG CEO Robert McDonald was elected Chairman ..... company, having guided P & G from June 2000 through ..... Make no mistake, P & G has a very deep bench ..... rigorous process around P & G 's succession planning

  9. New CEO at Procter & Gamble


    Tue, 9 Jun 2009

    made by the company, Procter & Gamble PG CEO A.G ..... chief operating officer Robert McDonald , following approval ..... Lafley helped guide P & G out of what we consider ..... spending, we believe P & G is well equipped to cope ..... toward operations, and as P & G has emphasized the importance

  10. P&G's Arnold to Step Down


    Mon, 9 Mar 2009

    News today from Procter & Gamble PG that ..... Arnold and COO Robert A . McDonald had both been leading ..... from the core of P & G 's operations. We don't doubt that P & G is concerned with ..... assume leadership of P & G should current CEO

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