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  1. 12 Legendary investors On What To Do With Your Money Today


    Sun, 2 Feb 2014

    crop of legends runs the gamut in terms of outlook. Peter Schiff -a.k.a. Dr. Doom, the guy who called the housing ..... they all agree on: Think long-term. Donald Yacktman Peter Schiff Jeremy Grantham Charles Brandes James O'Shaughnessy

  2. Eye on Equities: Stocks: Doom and Gloom Leave the Room


    Thu, 4 Apr 2013

    now, the dollar could be dropping 5% a day” — Peter Schiff , CEO of Europacific Capital, 2008 8 One of the positive outcomes from the ..... Investment Company Institute data, February 2013. 8 Peter Schiff , “U.S. Hyperinflation,” podcast, December

  3. Kilkenomics: A Festival Where the ‘Dismal Science’ Meets Comedy


    Thu, 7 Mar 2013

    that matter, do some of the world’s most famous economists (Jeffrey Sachs), most accomplished fund managers ( Peter Schiff ) and most scathing commentators (Max Keiser) agree to participate in small-scale events held in a small town previously

  4. As Flies To Wanton Boys Are We To The Central Bankers


    Mon, 11 Oct 2010

    would “widen the economic imbalances that lie at the root of our problems,” argues Peter Schiff , chief executive and chief strategist at Euro Pacific Capital: “The US dollar would continue to plummet in value as it would become clear

  5. Why It’s Not Different This Time


    Wed, 29 Sep 2010

    been washed to the curb, and new “Armageddon” extremists have sprouted up to the surface, like perma-bear Peter Schiff and his call for Dow 2,000 or his $5,000 per ounce gold estimate. More recently, Robert Prechter has one-upped

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