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  1. Newell Rubbermaid Appoints New CEO


    Fri, 24 Jun 2011

    search, Newell Rubbermaid NWL finally announced it has appointed a new president and CEO. Michael Polk will succeed Mark Ketchum , who had announced his intention to retire back in January. Polk has been a member of Newell's board of directors

  2. Newell Rubbermaid's Late-Cycle Products Outperform in 4Q


    Thu, 27 Jan 2011

    No additional information was provided on the CEO search, following the announcement earlier this month that CEO Mark Ketchum plans to retire. We believe the stock price will be constrained until a new CEO is named.

  3. Newell Rubbermaid CEO Announces Retirement


    Tue, 11 Jan 2011

    There is no change to our fair value estimate following the announcement that Newell Rubbermaid NWL CEO Mark Ketchum will retire after the board of directors finds his successor. The process is expected to take four to six months. Considering

  4. Placing Newell under Review


    Thu, 24 Apr 2008

    initiatives and costs related to SAP implementation increased selling, general, and administrative expenses. CEO Mark Ketchum made it clear that the firm would be curbing future expenditures in order to offset the gap created by price increases

  5. Less Risk at Newell Rubbermaid


    Fri, 15 Jun 2007

    Newell Rubbermaid NWL has made significant progress over the past year under the leadership of CEO Mark Ketchum , and after reviewing the firm's recent filings, as well as company presentations, we are lowering our risk rating for Newell

  6. Raising Our Fair Value for Newell


    Wed, 21 Feb 2007

    At Newell Rubbermaid's NWL recent analyst day, CEO Mark Ketchum argued that the firm is now a "new" Newell Rubbermaid. We're not completely convinced that this is the case, but it's definitely

  7. Raising Newell's Fair Value


    Wed, 14 Jun 2006

    manufacturing. Our more optimistic outlook for Newell also derives from the early efforts of the firm's new CEO, Mark Ketchum . In our talks with the company, it is apparent that this 33-year veteran of Procter & Gamble PG is having a significant

  8. Newell's Improvements Continue


    Mon, 30 Jan 2006

    directors is conducting a search for a permanent CEO following the resignation of Joseph Galli in October. Interim CEO Mark Ketchum has expressed interest in the role, and we think he would be a smart choice. While he hasn't been at the helm of

  9. Newell CEO Resigns


    Mon, 17 Oct 2005

    earnings guidance for 2005 as well as the strategic plan outlined in its restructuring. In the interim, board member Mark Ketchum , a 33-year veteran of Procter &Gamble PG and former president of P&G's global baby and family care division

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