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  1. A Luxury Bag at a Bargain


    Wed, 29 Oct 2014

    equity, we forecast that Coach will not damage its long ..... Returns Cash to Shareholders Lew Frankfort was replaced by Victor Luis ..... the firm. A majority of Coach 's board is independent ..... the shares outstanding. Frankfort is currently chairman but ..... We note that in 2013, Frankfort bought Coach shares on the open market

  2. Coach's Choice for New CEO Shows Board Believes in International Growth; Key to Long Term


    Thu, 14 Feb 2013

    Coach COH announced that CEO Lew Frankfort will transition to an executive ..... opinion, and the reason we give Coach a narrow economic moat rating ..... afraid to share the wealth of Coach 's success across executives ..... 60%-70% more than CEO Frankfort . Krakoff's total compensation

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