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  1. Top 10 Buys and Sells by the Ultimate Stock-Pickers


    Wed, 3 Sep 2014

    cross-promotional marketing activities, generating $800 million to $1 billion in synergies for PepsiCo annually. With CEO Indra Nooyi speaking out strongly against the divestiture proposals, and the company's board backing her view, Fleck thinks that the

  2. Credit Market Outlook: Bonds Priced for the Benign


    Wed, 26 Mar 2014

    and has decided that it would increase its dividend and share buybacks, but will remain as one entity. PepsiCo's CEO, Indra Nooyi , has stated numerous times that she believes the company garners significant synergies and benefits from the combined beverage

  3. Peltz to Join Mondelez Board, Likely to Halt His Push for Pepsi Deal


    Tue, 21 Jan 2014

    possible sale of the company. While we expect Trian to continue to push Pepsi to separate into two companies, Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi appears to be firmly committed to the existing structure and reaping the benefits of its "power of one." We agree with

  4. 10 High-Conviction Purchases by Our Ultimate Stock-Pickers


    Tue, 19 Nov 2013

    PepsiCo will break into two separate businesses, he does not believe it will happen in the near term. The company's CEO, Indra Nooyi , has remained steadfast in her belief that the combined firm benefits from the "Power of One," with PepsiCo generating

  5. Pepsi Maintains Full-Year Outlook, Not Interested in Purchasing Mondelez


    Wed, 24 Jul 2013

    stemming from Nelson Peltz’s call to action to have PepsiCo PEP acquire Mondelez and to spin off the beverage business, Indra Nooyi remains steadfast that PepsiCo "does not need large-scale M&A" to meet the company’s financial goals. Rather Pepsi

  6. Peltz Proposes Strategic Alternatives to Pepsi, Including Mondelez Purchase; Management Reluctant


    Wed, 17 Jul 2013

    outstanding), representing more than $2.2 billion. Pepsi reports second-quarter results July 24, and we expect CEO Indra Nooyi will likely respond to Peltz’s plans. But given Nooyi’s persistent focus on "the Power of One" and the claim that

  7. Our Outlook for Consumer Defensive Stocks


    Thu, 27 Jun 2013

    management commentary seems to suggest that a tie-up is far less likely. More specifically, at a conference, Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi emphatically denied that her company would need to pursue an acquisition, saying that “we do not need any transformational

  8. Our Outlook for the Credit Markets


    Wed, 26 Jun 2013

    April 29 analyst note ), recent commentary by Pepsi's CEO seemed to quash the rumor. At a recent conference, Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi empathically denied that her company would need to pursue an acquisition, saying that "we do not need any transformational

  9. Pepsi Confirms Trian Meetings, but Speculated Pepsi/Mondelez Deal Seems Unlikely to Us


    Mon, 22 Apr 2013

    that in November 2011, Trian Fund owned 2.35 million shares of Pepsi and the market speculated that Peltz would urge CEO Indra Nooyi to separate the company. However, we continue to view this scenario as unlikely. In February 2012, Nooyi steadfastly supported

  10. Pepsi Reorganizes Executive Line-Up


    Mon, 12 Mar 2012

    PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP ), it appears, is losing patience fast with CEO Indra Nooyi . The second biggest soda beverage company is shuffling the format of its top management team amid concerns about whether it should

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