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  1. Another Chief Leaves JetBlue


    Thu, 8 Nov 2007

    firm's leadership has been as turbulent as JetBlue's operating results. Although operations have improved since David Barger was elevated to the CEO position earlier this year, we tend to think negatively about abrupt leadership changes during

  2. JetBlue's 3Q Better, but Risks Remain


    Tue, 23 Oct 2007

    third-quarter performance demonstrates management's renewed commitment to controlling costs under the new leadership of David Barger . For the second consecutive quarter since Barger began as CEO, nonfuel unit costs declined sequentially. The sequential

  3. JetBlue's CEO Steps Aside


    Thu, 10 May 2007

    At the request of JetBlue's JBLU board, David Neeleman has relinquished the CEO role, with president David Barger stepping up to the position. Neeleman will remain chairman of the board and focus on the firm's long-term vision and strategy

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