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  1. New Morningstar Analyst Report for Autodesk Inc

    Stock Reports

    Fri, 15 Aug 2014

    the company acquired Bass' software firm. Crawford W. Beveridge became nonexecutive chairman in March 2009 after Carol Bartz , former chairwoman, became Yahoo's CEO. Bartz is largely credited with fixing Autodesk's operations by selling

  2. Under New Leadership, Will Yahoo Find Its Way?


    Mon, 23 Jan 2012

    In 2009, Yang gave way to Carol Bartz , who was hired based on successful ..... earlier articles on Yahoo when Carol Bartz took over, the commentary was ..... at Yahoo: Bet Big, or Die Carol Bartz ’s Challenge at Yahoo: Choose

  3. Yahoo Names CEO, Questions Remain


    Wed, 4 Jan 2012

    concluded its search for a new CEO, appointing Scott Thompson to the helm approximately four months after removing Carol Bartz from that position. Thompson has been the president of PayPal (a unit of eBay EBAY) for nearly seven years. While

  4. IPOs for Small Investors


    Fri, 9 Sep 2011

    00 and swiftly traded up to $33.00, up 154%. Though Yahoo survives, its board of directors recently fired CEO Carol Bartz , and announced a strategic review to attempt to revive flagging growth. VA Linux Systems went public on December 9

  5. Yahoo: Dump, hold or buy after Bartz departs


    Thu, 8 Sep 2011

    * THE ISSUE: The end of Carol Bartz 's rocky two-year tenure as chief executive at Yahoo and replacement by an interim chief suggests the company's turnaround is still down the road. The question is...

  6. Yahoo Board Removes CEO, but Core Problems Remain


    Wed, 7 Sep 2011

    Yahoo's YHOO board of directors officially removed Carol Bartz as CEO on Tuesday. Although the stock price has reacted positively to the news, we see very little to get excited about and don't

  7. Yahoo Reports 3Q Results


    Tue, 19 Oct 2010

    probably aren't sustainable considering the company's struggles to retain its employees. During prepared remarks, CEO Carol Bartz emphasized Yahoo's commitment to maintaining its relationship with Alibaba but would not comment about recent speculation

  8. New Morningstar Analyst Report - Autodesk, Inc.

    Stock Reports

    Wed, 31 Mar 2010

    the company acquired Bass'software firm . Crawford W . Beveridge became nonexecutive chairman in March of 2009 after Carol Bartz , former chairwoman , became Yahoo's YHOO CEO . Bartz is largely credited with fixing Autodesk's operations by selling

  9. New Morningstar Analyst Report - Yahoo

    Stock Reports

    Mon, 8 Mar 2010

    weakening competitive position and the economic recession. We project revenue growth to average just 5% through 2014. CEO Carol Bartz joined Yahoo in January 2009 after Jerry Yang's unsuccessful attempt to turn around the company he co-founded

  10. Yahoo Reports Weak 4Q Results


    Wed, 28 Jan 2009

    lower-quality products for consumers and advertisers, resulting in a declining audience and revenue base. We think new CEO Carol Bartz needs to make some dramatic changes to prevent Yahoo from becoming the latest Internet property to fade into obscurity

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