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  1. BofA talks mobile, cost cuts, legal reserves on earnings call


    Wed, 16 Apr 2014

    "People effectively carry a branch in their pocket," says Bank of America ( BAC ) CEO Brian Moynihan on the earnings call ( live now on Seeking Alpha), noting mobile banking customers grew 19% Y/Y to 15M and 10% of deposits now

  2. Bank Of America : The Past And The Future


    Wed, 9 Apr 2014

    By Balanced Investing : The Bank of America Corporation's ( BAC ) share price has jumped by more than 40% in one year. Credit could be given to CEO Brian Moynihan who has launched a cost-cutting program known as Project New BAC. The initiative

  3. Bank Of America : Legal Ignorance Is Bliss


    Tue, 1 Apr 2014

    bullish thesis on Bank of America ( BAC ) was shot through ..... of the bank under Brian Moynihan . (click to enlarge ..... move to invest in Bank of America here. After all of ..... been benefiting from Bank of America 's mortgages and

  4. Bank Of America : One More Reason To Go Long


    Sat, 22 Mar 2014

    hooting and hollering about Bank of America ( BAC ) as a long position ..... s going to run into 2014, Bank of America is set to continue producing ..... continue to do so in 2014. CEO Brian Moynihan remains focused on the fundamentals

  5. Bank Of America : More Room To Run


    Wed, 19 Mar 2014

    surging stock price. Bank of America earned almost as much ..... upside potential in Bank of America price is as huge as analysts expected. How Bank of America 's revenue growth will continue. CEO Brian Moynihan announced a $5 billion

  6. 3 Things To Know About Bank Of America Right Now


    Mon, 17 Mar 2014

    Quoth the Raven: Bank of America ( BAC ), what am ..... year old argument for Bank of America that the company ..... a perma-bull on Bank of America , and more than happy with the job that Brian Moynihan has done as the company

  7. The Friday Five

    Video Reports

    Fri, 17 Jan 2014

    TICKER:BAC] Bank of America really has been on ..... types of changes that Brian Moynihan is making at [TICKER:BAC] Bank of America , expecting that those ..... from [TICKER:BAC] Bank of America right now. They

    Bank of America found at 2:03, 2:59

    Which bank is that, and why is it up so much? Glaser: [TICKER:BAC] Bank of America really has been on a run so far in 2014. The year is very early, but the shares are already up over 10%, which is well above the 2% or so improvement that the big global banks generally have seen so far in 2014. It seems that investors are really warming up to the types of changes that Brian Moynihan is making at [TICKER:BAC] Bank of America , expecting that those would turn out decent earnings, and they did post decent earnings this quarter, driven a lot by improving loan
    for paying a huge multiple for the earnings that are coming from [TICKER:BAC] Bank of America right now. They're still going to have a lot of potential issues in earning a very high return over time. Even if
  8. New Morningstar Analyst Report for Bank of America Corporation

    Stock Reports

    Mon, 30 Dec 2013

    risk going forward. Bank of America 's management has ..... still eating away at Bank of America 's capital ratio. New CEO Brian Moynihan inherited these problems ..... conclusion regarding Bank of America 's new leadership

  9. Bank of America profit jumps on cost-cutting; shares climb


    Wed, 17 Jul 2013

    (Reuters) - Bank of America Corp posted a bigger-than-expected 70 percent jump in quarterly profit on Wednesday, helped by aggressive cost-cutting, as Chief Executive Brian Moynihan 's turnaround...

  10. Nygren: Double-Digit Earnings Growth Possible for B of A

    Video Reports

    Tue, 6 Nov 2012

    the old acquisitive Bank of America management team where ..... earnings per share at Bank of America could still grow at ..... We have met with Brian Moynihan numerous times. He ..... additive as buying back Bank of America stock at less than

    Bank of America found at 0:03, 1:06, 3:13

    Shannon Zimmerman : Bank of America is a company that had been in each of your funds, Oakmark and Oakmark Select. Was it ever in Global Select? Bill Nygren: Yes, it was. Zimmerman : So at Oakmark Select, it's been out for about a year. And now in the third quarter of this year, it has come back in, in a pretty big way. It's a top five position, I think, at Oakmark Select, about a 5% position. Talk a little bit about your thinking getting back into that company given the sort of regulatory overhang over the industry in general and Bank of America in particular. But then also given how valuation-conscious you are, the trajectory of the stock price has had pretty nice runup over
    aren't following the fundamental path that we were expecting. When we sold Bank of America that was more the issue. It was not that the stock price had gotten too high, but it was the capital base that the company had was not standing up to the ever-increasing demands the government was making for capital. We feared that there was more potential for shareholder dilution, which has been a very significant negative across the financial-services sector over the past four years. Over the ensuing year Bank of America did a good job of shedding assets--some through sales, some through maturities of securities that they owned--and they've actually gotten to a point now where their capital position is just about the strongest among the major U.S. banks. We no longer had the fear that it was going to be years longer before Bank of America could return capital to shareholders. They've got a management team in place that is no longer the old acquisitive Bank of America management team where you could really question whether or not value was added for the shareholders. But this management team is very
    no growth in the basic business, we think earnings per share at Bank of America could still grow at a double-digit rate. Zimmerman: Over what period of time? Because if the core business isn't expanding, isn't that
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