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    1. Zions Bancorp's First-Quarter Operating Costs Decline but Profitability Remains Depressed


      Tue, 21 Apr 2015

      Zions Bancorp continued to face revenue headwinds during ..... accurately reflect historical trends. While Zions is currently trading at a discount to our ..... trailing quarter, which weighs heavily on Zions because three fourths of the bank’s

    2. Financial Services: Bank Worries Are Overdone


      Tue, 31 Mar 2015

      An additional five banks ( Crédit Agricole ( ACA ), Zions ZION , Comerica CMA, Barclays BCS, and Royal Bank Of Canada ..... of Canada, Societe Generale, Standard Chartered, and Zions ) could see losses of greater than 10% of common equity

    3. Shopping Malls: Goners?


      Fri, 6 Mar 2015

      Zions ' collection of eight Western banks continues to perform.

    4. Zions Finishes 2014 With Improved Balance Sheet but Will Continue to Generate Subpar Returns


      Wed, 28 Jan 2015

      Zions Bancorp reported improved revenue in the fourth ..... and stronger cost controls. Further, Zions closed the year with a much stronger balance ..... we continue to believe that no-moat Zions Bancorp will struggle to generate excess returns

    5. Zions' Competitive Position Compromised After Years of Dismal Performance; Downgrading to No Moat


      Wed, 26 Nov 2014

      are lowering our moat rating for Zions Bancorporation to none. Typically, a bank moat ..... efficiency, and asset quality. Zions has a strong deposit franchise ..... based revenue streams. In fact, Zions is consistently the worst performer

    6. Zions Ends Third Quarter With a Strengthened Balance Sheet, but Expenses Weigh on Profits


      Tue, 21 Oct 2014

      As Zions Bancorp posted improved operational results and ..... which does not alter our expectations. Zions also continued to improve the balance sheet ..... growing expense levels. We anticipate that Zions can eventually reach a mid-60% efficiency

    7. Zions' Operations Show Signs of Improvement as Bank Awaits Fed Response on CCAR Resubmission


      Thu, 24 Jul 2014

      Zions Bancorp reported elevated earnings to common shareholders in the second period on a significant provision release of $54 million. Additional

    8. Bargains Hard to Find in Financials


      Fri, 27 Jun 2014

      value ratio of 1.18. CCAR results were a surprise, and U.S. regulators continue to confound banks. One bank, Zions Bancorp ZION , did not pass the stress tests, while four others ( Citigroup C, and the U.S. units of HSBC HSBC, RBS RBS

    9. CCAR Results Are In: Federal Reserve Objects to Five Capital Plans


      Wed, 26 Mar 2014

      objections (Citigroup, HSBC North America, RBS Citizens, and Santander USA) were over qualitative concerns, while one ( Zions ) was because it failed to meet the minimum post-stress test Tier 1 common ratio. Bank of America’s and Goldman Sachs’ plans were approved

    10. Federal Reserve's Stress Test Results Largely as Expected


      Thu, 20 Mar 2014

      bank to not meet this hurdle was Zions Bancorporation . The results are no surprise to ..... Federal Reserve’s stress test, Zions (rating: BBB-) would have a ..... than 5%. For example, besides Zions , the two worst banks in the Fed

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