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    1. munis vs long ust


      Thu, 2 Apr 2015

      well sort of i don't know if tlt exactly matches nuv in duration If you can't read that see below Thoughts on this? 

    2. JAForlines: Markets in Motion™


      Wed, 18 Mar 2015

      monthly gain since January 2012. Interest rates also reversed trend and rose in most parts of the world, and the 10-year UST yield made its greatest monthly increase since the “taper tantrum” in May 2013. We have managed this environment well—our Risk-Managed Allocation

    3. The Seeds for Better Growth Are Being Sown


      Wed, 19 Nov 2014

      this “emergency” policy rate. But we think it is unlikely they will move faster than the path embedded in the forward UST yield curve. The bigger risk, in terms of its consequences, would be a downturn in growth. The global recovery continues

    4. Global Evolution a Game Changer for Real Estate


      Fri, 17 Oct 2014

      UST has finally found some stable ground in its battle with discount smokeless competition.

    5. Fed Hikes and the Impact on Spread Sectors


      Thu, 9 Oct 2014

      interest rates underpin equity and real estate valuations, as future earnings are often discounted by longer-term US Treasury ( UST ) yields. Perhaps most importantly for the current discussion, longer-term interest rates will be a key driver of total returns

    6. The Central Bank Cycling Race (and Long-End Yield Implications)


      Thu, 2 Oct 2014

      would likely remain low, with U.S. Treasury yields eventually leading the move higher. In such a scenario, the 10-year UST /Bund spread of 155 bps could remain this wide and Spanish and Italian 10-year paper could continue trading at yields through

    7. Breaking the 4% Rule


      Fri, 5 Sep 2014

      r e depletion of assets in w orse-case s c enarios. In fa c t, in the 5 th pe rc e n tile case r eti r ees c ould e xh a ust assets b y age 9 2 , an una cc eptably high p r obabili t y as the r e is a signif i ca n t chan c e that at least one spouse

    8. Understanding the impact of ECB action


      Thu, 4 Sep 2014

      With the ECB cutting interest rates and announcing a bond-buying program...j ust looking for some basic understanding of how this would or might influence performance of longer-duration domestic bond funds

    9. What are Investors Concerned About?


      Fri, 11 Jul 2014

      many countries compared to a year ago; differentiation is key: certain countries are more vulnerable to a potential rise in UST yields (ZAR, TRY), while other markets are likely to be more resilient on the back of stronger developed market growth (MXN, PLN

    10. High Yield Bonds and Loans: Still Have Legs


      Thu, 3 Apr 2014

      the MSCI Emerging Markets Index; Commodities by the Dow Jones-UBS Commodity Index; Cash by the Merrill Lynch 0-3 Month UST Bill Index. Treasury Bills are the 3-month U.S. Treasury. This material is not intended to be relied upon as a forecast

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