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  1. PIMCO will use Vanguard in TR Funds


    Sat, 23 May 2015

    PIMCO is coming out with new target ..... Vanguard index ETFs for equity and PIMCO actively managed bond funds ..... 150529975/inclusion-in-new- pimco - funds -is-a-coup-for-vanguard Nothing on the PIMCO site?? Paul

  2. Morningstar's Favorite International-Bond Funds


    Fri, 22 May 2015

    often considered niche investment categories, but they've ..... World-Bond Funds PIMCO Global Bond (Unhedged ..... she notes, previous management 's forays into sectors ..... performance. Like many PIMCO funds , this offering was affected by Bill Gross ' departure from the ..... including managing PIMCO Total Return PTTAX

  3. How Is TCW Doing?


    Tue, 19 May 2015

    Carlyle Group and TCW management combined to acquire ..... saw some non- investment -team employees ..... Metropolitan West Asset Management to take over several ..... fund following Bill Gross ' September 2014 departure from PIMCO . The open-end ..... not impeded the investment team, which has ..... transition. TCW management has ruled out a

  4. US Bank, Bank of America win dismissal of mortgage claims


    Mon, 18 May 2015

    Manhattan. In the first, Forrest rejected an attempt by funds from BlackRock Inc ( BLK.N ), Allianz SE's ( ALVG.DE ) Pacific Investment Management Co and TIAA-CREF to hold US Bancorp liable for alleged defects in 843 RMBS trusts collateralized



    Thu, 14 May 2015

    For pimco CEFs in the past I’ve usually stuck with PCI and PDI due to the significant ..... while having the same tactical slants now that they are not managed by Bill Gross . However, I find it a little unnerving to put significant amounts in

  6. ​Monetary Policy at Warp Speed


    Thu, 14 May 2015

    necessarily those of PIMCO and such opinions ..... be considered as investment advice or a recommendation ..... security, strategy or investment product. Information ..... written permission. PIMCO and YOUR GLOBAL INVESTMENT AUTHORITY are trademarks ..... registered trademarks of Allianz Asset Management of America L.P. and Pacific Investment Management Company LLC, respectively

  7. Pimco to Close Two Equity Strategies; Firm's Equities Chief to Leave in June


    Thu, 14 May 2015

    Pimco to Close Two ..... June DOW JONES & COMPANY , INC. 12 ..... 05/13/2015 Pacific Investment Management Co . said it is ..... leaving the firm. Pimco executive Virginie ..... accord, the company said. Based ..... London office of Pimco , Ms. Maisonneuve ..... departure of Bill Gross , Pimco 's founder and ..... Investor Kit for Allianz SE(ALIZF

  8. Understanding Investment Opportunities in China​


    Wed, 13 May 2015

    several key ways. PIMCO will continue to strive ..... provide top-quality investment solutions to China ..... encouraging local investment abroad. In the following ..... grow. Accordingly, PIMCO sees China-based investments ..... from PIMCO ’s active management . Mo gel of : In terms ..... registered trademarks of Allianz Asset Management of America L.P. and Pacific Investment Management Company LLC, respectively

  9. Diversification between PDI, PCI, and PIMIX


    Tue, 12 May 2015

    2014 ETF Newsletter did a regression analysis of the weekly NAV of PCI and PDI and compared it to a benchmark plus other PIMCO funds . He came up with a coefficient of 0.65. Also, PDI and PCI reflect some of the same strategies used by PIMIX (managed

  10. How Big Inflows and Outflows Are Affecting Popular Funds

    Video Reports

    Fri, 8 May 2015

    want to touch on PIMCO because that's ..... this collective- investment -trust form ..... Let's turn to this PIMCO story, Russ ..... TICKER:PTTAX] PIMCO Total Return ..... was affected by Bill Gross ' departure; but ..... also seen other PIMCO funds experience big ..... TICKER:PTTAX] PIMCO Total Return is ..... things with the new management team. We like

    Pimco found at 9:09

    to what we were just talking about with the big outflows at PIMCO . Investors aren't giving up on fixed income; they're just buying different funds. Toward the top of the list [TICKER:MWTRX] is MetWest Total Return Bond (MWTRX). I assume that that is money coming from PIMCO and going right into that fund? Kinnel: Exactly. We had a chance to visit both firms back to back in March. It was fascinating because, of course, MetWest is a prime beneficiary. They are getting huge inflows. They are hiring. Things are going great for them. And it makes sense that they would get a lot of that money. It's a firm that was started by ex- PIMCO managers and run in a lot of ways like [TICKER:PTTAX] PIMCO Total Return, though with less-extreme use of derivatives. But they do use a lot of different levers--duration bets, yield-curve bets, sector bets, even some currency. So, it's a lot like PIMCO , only organizationally much more stable. So, it makes sense [that the fund is getting inflows]. So far, the inflows don't seem to have had a big impact, but I definitely think it's worth watching because they don't want to be as derivative-dependent as PIMCO . So, that would imply that there's maybe a lower ceiling on how much they can manage. Benz: I guess that's a question for you, Russ: I know, in the past, we've said, "Oh, don't worry too much--especially if it's a core bond fund that's seeing big inflows." But are there limits to how large one of these core bond funds can get before you start worrying about performance? Kinnel: So, I think [that the impact of flows] in a core bond fund, especially at a big organization like MetWest or PIMCO , is much smaller; but over time, it can have a real impact. If you look at even [TICKER:PTTAX] PIMCO Total Return, it used to be able to add more value through issue selection, but as it got bigger and bigger, it was much more about making market calls with derivatives. You can always bet on interest rates falling or this end of the yield curve moving that way or whatever, and so it did change even [TICKER:PTTAX] PIMCO Total Return over time. But it's a much more minor impact than, say, a small- or mid-cap equity fund where it can have a profound impact. Benz: [TICKER:DODIX] Dodge & Cox Income (DODIX) is another fund that apparently would seem to be a beneficiary of money coming out of [TICKER:PTTAX] PIMCO Total Return. Kinnel: That's right. It's obvious why this fund would have appeal. It's been a good performer; it's got a lot more corporates than your typical intermediate-bond fund, but also tremendous stability. Dodge & Cox's people tend to make a career of it. So, if PIMCO's got all of this turmoil, it's understandable [for investors to look at a fund like Dodge & Cox where nothing ever happens];
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