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    1. PerkinElmer Posts Healthy Newborn Screening Revenue Despite U.S. Dollar Strength


      Fri, 30 Jan 2015

      PerkinElmer released fourth-quarter results that were in line with our expectations thanks to diagnostic strength in China and improved instrument

    2. Delayed Tenders in China Continue to Offset PerkinElmer ’s Diagnostic Strength


      Fri, 31 Oct 2014

      PerkinElmer released third-quarter earnings that were largely in line with our expectations as diagnostic tailwinds were partially offset

    3. PerkinElmer Maintains Emerging-Market Strength in 1Q


      Fri, 25 Apr 2014

      PerkinElmer released solid first-quarter results Thursday, thanks to strong growth ..... in rural counties, we expect China to be a key source of growth for PerkinElmer 's screening business in the long run. Healthy diagnostics revenue

    4. PerkinElmer's Restructuring Efforts Yield Favorable 4Q Results


      Fri, 31 Jan 2014

      PerkinElmer reported fourth-quarter results on Thursday that were ahead of our ..... comparison, total fourth-quarter revenue organically grew by 3% as PerkinElmer continues to capitalize on its infant diagnostics expertise in emerging

    5. Improved Second-Quarter Results for PerkinElmer ; Raising Fair Value Estimate


      Fri, 2 Aug 2013

      PerkinElmer 's second-quarter results showed ..... markets remain an attractive business for PerkinElmer , as demand for testing instrumentation ..... of its cost structure going forward. PerkinElmer commenced another round of restructuring

    6. Rough Start to 2013 for PerkinElmer ; Optimistic Guidance Slashed


      Thu, 25 Apr 2013

      PerkinElmer 's PKI first-quarter results were surprisingly weak, even when accounting ..... particularly worrisome on the operating margin and earnings line, which caused PerkinElmer to significantly slash its full-year earning per share outlook. While

    7. Largely As Expected 4Q for PerkinElmer ; 2013 Guidance Healthy


      Fri, 1 Feb 2013

      PerkinElmer 's PKI fourth-quarter results were ..... diagnostic unit's performance, and PerkinElmer noted that the birth rate finally turned ..... on performance. On the margin line, PerkinElmer fell short of our expectations as its

    8. PerkinElmer Reports Solid Results in Third Quarter, Driven by Growth in Emerging Markets


      Thu, 25 Oct 2012

      PerkinElmer 's PKI third-quarter results were ..... single digits. On the margin line, PerkinElmer delivered excellent performance with ..... leverage contributed to the improvement. PerkinElmer accelerated its investment projects

    9. Solid Margin Performance for PerkinElmer ; Maintaining Our Valuation


      Fri, 3 Aug 2012

      PerkinElmer 's PKI second-quarter results were ..... than its peers. On the margin line, PerkinElmer delivered excellent performance with ..... leverage contributed to the improvement. PerkinElmer did cut back on certain investment projects

    10. Strong Start for PerkinElmer Despite Difficult Comps; Maintaining Our Valuation


      Thu, 26 Apr 2012

      PerkinElmer 's PKI first-quarter results were ..... at the expense of next quarter, as PerkinElmer noted an increase in receivables. Accordingly ..... throughout 2011, growing 9% organically. PerkinElmer noted that it saw stabilized birth rates

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