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    1. What we own


      Mon, 4 May 2015

      Here is our dividend portfolio for those interested Name ticker Percent Wells Fargo WFC 6.41 Kinder Morgan KMI 6.13 Paychex PAYX 4.09 Novartis NVS 4.06 Enterprise Products EPD 3.82 Verizon VZ 3.79 Clorox CLX 3.56 Walmart WMT 3.37 Sysco

    2. Paychex ’s Cross-Selling Momentum Continues in Fiscal 3Q


      Wed, 25 Mar 2015

      Paychex ’s fiscal third-quarter results largely ..... this shift is not dilutive to the wide moat Paychex has dug in its legacy operations, but rather ..... slightly outstripped top-line growth. Paychex is tracking roughly in line with our expectations

    3. Which Investments Could Benefit From Rising Interest Rates?


      Wed, 4 Mar 2015

      of rising rates are picked over, if not downright expensive. Peters points to Wells Fargo WFC and payroll processor Paychex PAYX as two firms that he likes that are also leveraged to the interest-rate cycle, but he considers them overpriced

    4. Q: PAYX "too expensive to buy"


      Thu, 19 Feb 2015

      issue, Josh heaps praise upon Paychex , but he concludes it is "too ..... employees and $ wages), is PAYX much less attractive than say ..... considers safe and reliable ( PAYX ), I don't know if it IS ..... but I'm just not seeing PAYX or ADP likely to go drop down

    5. Shift Toward Ancillary Services Not Dilutive to Paychex's and ADP's Moats


      Thu, 22 Jan 2015

      In the most recent quarter, Paychex saw 4% year-over-year growth ..... they provide an avenue for ADP and Paychex to further monetize their payroll ..... who purchase multiple services from Paychex and ADP could ultimately prove to

    6. H & J's Portfolio - Please help?


      Sun, 4 Jan 2015

      is 40 and J is 44. **Old Retirement Accts** 78k @ Fidelity H's old 401k (all in a Fidelity Freedom Fund) 20k @ Paychex J's old 401k 70k @ Ameritrade J's SEP IRA **Current Retirement Accts** 87k @ VOYA financials 61k @ KBFinancial

    7. Recent Trends Continue for Paychex in Fiscal 1Q


      Wed, 24 Sep 2014

      Paychex ’s fiscal first-quarter results contained ..... continued to record only modest growth of 4%, Paychex saw 17% growth in ancillary human resources ..... company. We’ve seen similar trends at Paychex ’s larger peer, ADP, and we are pleased

    8. Paying Dividends Is a Priority for This Payroll Firm

      Video Reports

      Fri, 1 Aug 2014

      I'm Jeremy Glaser. [TICKER: PAYX ] Paychex recently announced an 8.6% increase ..... pretty sizable. What is driving Paychex 's management to feel confident ..... their income might also go down. Paychex --which has no debt and lots of

      Paychex found at 0:28

      Jeremy Glaser: For Morningstar, I'm Jeremy Glaser. [TICKER: PAYX ] Paychex recently announced an 8.6% increase to its dividend. I'm here with Josh Peters--he is editor of Morningstar DividendInvestor and also our director of equity income strategy--to take a deeper dive into the company and see if it looks attractive at today's levels. Josh, thanks for joining me. Josh Peters: Good to be here. It's fun to talk about one of my favorite companies today. Glaser: Let's talk about this increase first. It was pretty sizable. What is driving Paychex's management to feel confident enough to continue to boost their payout here? Peters: You have to put this dividend increase in context. There are lots of companies out there that might have a 10%, 15%, 20%, or 50% increase to the dividend because it was so small to begin with. Paychex is a company that, for years, has been paying out 80% or more of its annual income to shareholders. That has routinely
    9. Paychex Ends Fiscal Year on Solid Note


      Wed, 2 Jul 2014

      Paychex finished its fiscal year on a solid note ..... recording a 3% year-over-year increase. Paychex 's human services segment remains the primary ..... 9%, compared with 36.2% last year. Paychex finished the year roughly in line with our

    10. What’s Buffett’s Secret, Really?


      Mon, 7 Apr 2014

      Paychex enjoys a stable business and sizable cash flows.

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