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    1. Pactiv's Sales Are Up, Margins Are Down, Still Getting Acquired for $33.25


      Mon, 1 Nov 2010

      Pactiv 's PTV third-quarter revenue growth was ..... remaining hurdles for the completion of the Pactiv acquisition. We believe that in the coming ..... Group will be successful in buying out all Pactiv shareholders for $33.25 per share.

    2. Reynolds Group to Acquire Pactiv


      Tue, 17 Aug 2010

      private equity firms were going to acquire Pactiv PTV, the maker of Hefty bags has entered ..... is owned by billionaire Graeme Hart). Pactiv 's board of directors has unanimously ..... should be complete by the end of the year. Pactiv shareholders are being offered $33

    3. Pactiv Shares Surge on Buyout Rumors


      Mon, 17 May 2010

      Shares of Pactiv PTV were up significantly on Monday , May 17 , 2010 ..... Management's private equity team is in discussions to acquire Pactiv . We note that spokespersons for both Apollo and Pactiv have so far declined to comment on the rumor . Pactiv

    4. Pactiv Reports 3Q Results


      Mon, 26 Oct 2009

      Pactiv PTV reported third-quarter results that showed volume improvements in Hefty brand waste bags and plastic cups and cutlery. Our

    5. Pactiv Reports 2Q Earnings


      Wed, 22 Jul 2009

      Pactiv PTV reported very strong results for the ..... fair value estimate. For the quarter, Pactiv 's revenues declined 5% compared to the ..... reduction in input costs made it possible for Pactiv to cut prices without hurting profitability

    6. Pactiv Benefits from Lower Costs


      Thu, 23 Apr 2009

      Hefty bag and food packaging manufacturer Pactiv Corp. PTV benefited greatly from falling ..... the drop in oil costs since last year, Pactiv 's ability to maintain price speaks well ..... advantage is most likely temporary. Just as Pactiv 's earnings were unusually low when it

    7. Pactiv Posts 2008 Earnings


      Wed, 28 Jan 2009

      Pactiv 's PTV fourth-quarter and full-year ..... value estimate. For the fourth quarter, Pactiv recorded a slight increase in total revenue ..... like Hefty. This is less of a threat to Pactiv than one would think, as (with the exception

    8. Pactiv Announces 3Q Earnings


      Wed, 22 Oct 2008

      While Pactiv 's PTV third-quarter sales indicate ..... are maintaining our fair value estimate. Pactiv reported total revenue of $925 million ..... compared with the same period of 2007. Pactiv 's Hefty segment increased revenue 5

    9. Pactiv Reports Solid Growth in Q2


      Thu, 24 Jul 2008

      the face of escalating costs for energy and raw materials, Pactiv PTV continues to produce impressive results. For the quarter ..... operating margin is getting squeezed. During the second quarter Pactiv 's margin was 13.6%, a decline from 15.5% from the second

    10. Pactiv Misses 1Q Earnings Target


      Fri, 25 Apr 2008

      Pactiv 's PTV first-quarter earnings indicate ..... long-term opportunities. The prospects for Pactiv remain bright, and we are maintaining our ..... volume in its food-service business. Pactiv 's conversations with its customers indicate

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