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    1. Union Pacific: A Good Bet for the Long Haul

      Video Reports

      Mon, 22 Jun 2015

      CSX), and [TICKER:NSC] Norfolk Southern (NSC). Coal volumes have ..... like CSX and [TICKER:NSC] Norfolk Southern , is that I think the coal headwinds ..... for CSX and [TICKER:NSC] Norfolk Southern , which makes [TICKER:UNP

      Norfolk Southern found at 2:58, 4:18, 5:05

      very important franchise, especially for the domestic rails--Union Pacific, [TICKER:CSX] CSX (CSX), and [TICKER:NSC] Norfolk Southern (NSC). Coal volumes have been down dramatically this year--which, more than anything else, I think can be attributed to low natural gas
      What distinguishes [TICKER:UNP] Union Pacific, especially from the eastern rails like CSX and [TICKER:NSC] Norfolk Southern , is that I think the coal headwinds are temporary or at least that they're going to abate over time, and that's because [TICKER:UNP]
      I see that as more of a permanent headwind for CSX and [TICKER:NSC] Norfolk Southern , which makes [TICKER:UNP] Union Pacific, I think, a bit more attractive than those rails. That's not to say that any number of the rails might be attractive; [TICKER:CP] Canadian Pacific (CP), which I've been looking at recently, doesn't have the same extent of coal headwinds as [TICKER:UNP] Union Pacific, and I think that's an interesting rail. [TICKER:NSC] Norfolk Southern stands out for trading at a pretty deeply discounted valuation, certainly at a price/earnings multiple basis. So, to some extent, these headwinds
    2. Railroads' Competitive Advantages Are Solid, but Challenges Lie Ahead


      Wed, 17 Jun 2015

      UNP "> UNP "> UNP and Norfolk Southern NSC "> NSC "> NSC "> NSC ..... Appalachian basins served by CSX and Norfolk Southern . These two benefited disproportionately ..... at Eastern franchises CSX and Norfolk Southern , those hardest hit by coal

    3. Norfolk Southern Confirms Weak 1Q Revenue and High Costs


      Wed, 29 Apr 2015

      Norfolk Southern detailed the disappointing first quarter it announced two weeks ago. Net income declined 16% on 5% lower revenue and only 3

    4. Tuttle Tactical Management Weekly Market Notes


      Wed, 15 Apr 2015

      is the weak sister. Earnings season starts in earnest tomorrow. We’ve had several warnings so far including Norfolk Southern (NSC) which speaks to the economy at whole. Estimates have been coming down for some time and most analysts and

    5. CSX Grows Operating Income 14% Despite Soft Coal Demand


      Wed, 15 Apr 2015

      on flattish volume and revenue to generate 14% EBIT growth. The rail looks to easily outpace its eastern peer Norfolk Southern , which on April 14 preannounced an anticipated 15% decline in first-quarter EPS, although we expect Norfolk

    6. Norfolk Southern Announces Weak 1Q Revenue and Costs Greater than Expected


      Tue, 14 Apr 2015

      Norfolk Southern announced its expectation that first-quarter earnings per share will decline 15% to about $1.00 as a result of lower revenue

    7. The Incredibly Unimportant Keystone Pipeline


      Mon, 2 Feb 2015

      by rail, another Morningstar analyst, Keith Schoonmaker, says that the valuation implications for the likes of Norfolk Southern NSC are pretty small as well. Depending on the railroad, Schoonmaker says that overall crude-oil shipments

    8. Norfolk Southern Counters Coal Contraction With Record Top and Bottom Lines in 2014


      Mon, 26 Jan 2015

      Norfolk Southern still faces the prospect of hauling less coal in 2015 (especially for export), but in the fourth quarter the rail maintained

    9. Emphasize Barriers to Entry


      Thu, 20 Nov 2014

      in large part to the dominant market share position of the Class I rails (Burlington Northern, Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern and CSX), the capital-intensive nature of the industry (capital requirements often exceed 20% of sales) and

    10. From Barron’s, November 10, 2014 (Part 2)


      Sat, 8 Nov 2014

      among T, VZ, TMUS, S ; cover story; pg 21]; Norfolk Southern [ NSC ; pg 26; see link below]; Leucadia [ LUK ..... story http://online.barrons.com/articles/ norfolk - southern -americas-cheapest-railway-ticket-1415436101

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