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    1. New Analyst Report for PBG

      Stock Reports

      Tue, 10 Jun 2014

      competitors through private label products, a decision made by Kmart in fiscal 2012. With this serious risk in mind, an uplift ..... confidence in existing department store relationships (following Kmart 's decision to shrink floor space) and finally a recovery

    2. New Analyst Report for TRS

      Stock Reports

      Mon, 9 Jun 2014

      major retail forces decides to move downmarket into the discount variety segment. We note the recent move downmarket by Kmart and is diluting the competitiveness of The Reject Shop's product categories. The Reject Shop's retail model is being

    3. Interview with Michael Mazzeo about Roadside MBA


      Wed, 4 Jun 2014

      well and then try to organize your company around that. Mike said: look, we don’t stock anything in the store that Kmart or Walmart also stocks. KI: Are some of these small- and medium-sized companies at an advantage in terms of being able

    4. Wesfarmers Strategy Day: Coles to Cut Prices Further, Will Likely Hurt Independents


      Fri, 30 May 2014

      At Bunnings, the focus continues to be on store rollout, with 20 stores opening per year over the next three years. Kmart is expected to increase its store expansion, opening 40 new stores during the next five years. Target, under its new

    5. The Reject Shop's Managing Director Resigns Amid a Tough Competitive Environment


      Wed, 21 May 2014

      competitive as other retailers copy its business model. In particular, discount department stores, such as the resurgent Kmart , have encroached into the discount variety space, offering everyday low prices that were formerly the mantle of retailers

    6. We View Wesfarmers as a Wide-Moat Business Deriving Cost Advantages from Retail Scale


      Thu, 27 Mar 2014

      with sizable retail scale. Coles and Bunnings, which account for 59% of earnings, we view as wide-moat companies. Kmart is Australia's leading discount retailer and we view it as a narrow-moat business also benefiting from cost advantages

    7. New Morningstar Analyst Report for Wesfarmers Ltd

      Stock Reports

      Thu, 27 Mar 2014

      hardware/home improvement/DIY sector. Wesfarmers' Kmart and Target stores provide significant market share in the ..... necessary. Discount department store operations Target and Kmart are exposed to increased frugality and heightened deflationary

    8. Super Retail Reports a Soft First-Half Fiscal 2014 as the Leisure Segment Struggles


      Thu, 20 Feb 2014

      becoming increasingly susceptible to competition with an emerging risk from discount department stores such as Big W and Kmart targeting the value-conscious consumer.

    9. Sears' Sales Suffer, Losses Widen Ahead of Asset Spin-Offs; Maintaining Extreme Uncertainty Rating


      Fri, 10 Jan 2014

      Quarter-to-date same-store sales declined 7.4%, with a 9.2% decline in Sears Domestic and a 5.7% decline in Kmart . Sears Canada, where Sears Holdings has only a 51% stake now, fared slightly better with a 4.4% decline in comparable

    10. Lululemon Appoints New CEO With Wealth of Experience to Spearhead Global Growth


      Tue, 10 Dec 2013

      Lululemon has made some critical changes to its leadership team over the past six months, bringing in Tara Poseley from Kmart to be its chief product officer and Jennifer Battersby from Mast to become the senior vice president of Sourcing. We think

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