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  1. Huntsman, Hexion Call Off Merger


    Mon, 15 Dec 2008

    Huntsman HUN announced Sunday that it has terminated its pending merger with Hexion Specialty Chemicals . Under the terms of the merger agreement, Hexion has to pay Huntsman a $325 million breakup fee. In addition to this fee

  2. Apollo Backs Huntsman Deal


    Thu, 9 Oct 2008

    Hexion Specialty Chemicals announced Thursday that it will receive a $540 million capital injection from parent Apollo Management to help close its acquisition

  3. Huntsman Wins Lawsuit


    Tue, 30 Sep 2008

    Huntsman HUN announced that it has won its lawsuit against Hexion Specialty Chemicals , effectively forcing Hexion to honor its agreement to acquire Huntsman. Hexion had attempted to walk away from the acquisition

  4. Huntsman Holders Offer Financing


    Fri, 29 Aug 2008

    shareholders made public their offer to provide $500 million in financing in order to entice Apollo-owned Hexion Specialty Chemicals to go through with its previously agreed upon $6.5 billion takeover. The offer comes weeks before the two

  5. Huntsman Buyout May Fall Through


    Thu, 19 Jun 2008

    Hexion Specialty Chemicals announced Wednesday that it had filed a suit alleging that its proposed acquisition of Huntsman HUN is no longer viable, given

  6. Huntsman Receives Second Bid


    Thu, 5 Jul 2007

    The fate of Huntsman HUN became less clear after Hexion Specialty Chemicals --a unit of private-equity giant Apollo Management--made a $27.25 per share bid for Huntsman that trumped Basell's

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