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    1. UPDATE 1-U.S. aviation giants split on Gulf carrier subsidy row


      Thu, 26 Feb 2015

      competition from Gulf state carriers has exposed divisions over free trade with other powerful U.S. aviation players including Boeing Co and FedEx Corp, potentially complicating the airlines' campaign for Obama administration support.

    2. Boeing, FedEx battle back vs U.S. airlines on Gulf competition


      Thu, 26 Feb 2015

      curb competition from Gulf state carriers has triggered a sharp response from other powerful U.S. aviation companies including Boeing Co and FedEx Corp , potentially complicating the airlines’ campaign for Obama administration support.

    3. Does High Yield = High Risk?


      Fri, 30 Jan 2015

      dividend may not be sustainable? The company is more likely to go out of business? More price fluctuation? All 3? Is FedEx ( FDX ) that yields 0.43% riskier than competitor UPS that yields 2.67%? Or is it the other way around? It's interesting

    4. From Barron’s, January 26, 2015 (Part 1)


      Sat, 24 Jan 2015

      on Monday, January 12. Recommendations: Zulauf: TLT, US$, GDX, gold, RTH ; short Singapore dollar Cohen: CRI, FDX , DGX, AYI, PANW, Siemens [ SIEGY ] Rogers [Brian]: BA, GE, HES, L, MAT, VMC Black: VIAB, MSCC

    5. UPS Pre-Announces Weak Fourth-Quarter Results; Volume/Capacity Mismatch Drove Higher Domestic Costs


      Fri, 23 Jan 2015

      residential and SurePost), and we note dimensional pricing goes into effect on smaller non-Sure Post) parcels this year. FedEx also implements dim pricing on small parcels this year, and took the time today to helpfully reaffirm its fiscal 2015 EPS guidance

    6. Teamsters lose another vote at FedEx Freight facility


      Thu, 22 Jan 2015

      CHICAGO (Reuters) - FedEx Corp said on Thursday the Teamsters have lost a ballot among drivers at a FedEx Freight facility in West Virginia, the latest blow to the union's campaign to organize workers at the package delivery company.

    7. Is Cheap Gas Really Good?


      Tue, 6 Jan 2015

      Profits (and stocks) soared for airlines and other heavy users of fuel such as United Parcel Service ( UPS ) and FedEx ( FDX ). The chemical industry and producers of plastics, rubber, asphalt, paint and more saw an increase in value. Even

    8. Friday Five: Russia Woes Contained for Now

      Video Reports

      Fri, 19 Dec 2014

      will be keeping an eye on as well. Stipp: [TICKER: FDX ] FedEx reported quarterly results this week that were disappointing ..... The market was initially disappointed by [TICKER: FDX ] FedEx results, and there really were a few years in the quarter

      FedEx found at 3:48

      that the Federal Reserve will be keeping an eye on as well. Stipp: [TICKER: FDX ] FedEx reported quarterly results this week that were disappointing. What was driving that, and what does our analyst have to say? Glaser: The market was initially disappointed by [TICKER: FDX ] FedEx results, and there really were a few years in the quarter. The first is that they haven't really seen the benefit of lower oil prices yet. They buy oil through contracts, not on the spot market, so it takes a while for those low prices to flow in. It will be a benefit later; we just haven't seen it yet. They have some aircraft maintenance issues that cost quite a bit of money in the quarter, and also there are some issues with the West Coast ports taking a long time to unload some freighters, which is really making it difficult for retailers to get supplies, which hurts [TICKER: FDX ] FedEx eventually. But Keith Schoonmaker, our [TICKER: FDX ] FedEx analyst, thinks that these are more transitory issues. When you look at the core business, you look at the initiative they are doing to increase profitability, you still see that working and you still see volumes looking pretty good. [TICKER: FDX ] FedEx also announced this week that they are buying 3PL GENCO, a logistics company that helps with returns and other issues. This is an asset-light business, the kind that [TICKER: FDX ] FedEx is expanding their footprint in. That will also help their profitability, help get packages into their stream, which is probably good for shareholders and good for [TICKER: FDX ] FedEx over the long term. Stipp: On the flipside, [TICKER:ORCL] Oracle reported good results. What was driving [TICKER:ORCL] Oracle results, and does the stock look
    9. FedEx Reports Solid Fiscal 2Q Earnings


      Wed, 17 Dec 2014

      FedEx ’s Express profit-improvement initiatives continue to pay off, as this largest of FedEx ’s segments improved operating margin 170 ..... growth (1% year over year). Companywide, FedEx reported 36% growth in second-quarter

    10. FedEx Acquires 3PL GENCO, Bolstering Its Asset-Light Supply Chain Capabilities


      Tue, 16 Dec 2014

      FedEx announced the acquisition of Pittsburgh-based ..... produces $1.6 billion of annual revenue ( FedEx generated $46 billion in the trailing 12 ..... 3PL to its portfolio substantially boosts FedEx 's asset-light supply chain operations

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