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    1. Anixter Sells OEM Supply-Fasteners Segment


      Thu, 12 Feb 2015

      product cost is composed of delivery logistics and packaging. Companies that succeed in distributing these products, like Fastenal , can earn 20% operating margins. In Anixter’s case, the business only generated a 3%-4% operating margin. The low

    2. Fastenal Reports Fourth-Quarter Earnings and Positive Operating Margin Outlook


      Thu, 15 Jan 2015

      We expect to maintain Fastenal ’s $46 fair value estimate and wide moat ..... salesforce. While we like the momentum in Fastenal ’s business and the potential for ..... with the latest earnings report, Fastenal raised its quarterly dividend 12

    3. Fastenal Announces New CEO; Maintaining Our Wide Moat Rating and Fair Value Estimate


      Fri, 7 Nov 2014

      2015, Leland Hein will take over as Fastenal 's chief executive officer. Current ..... replacement as a surprise. Hein has been Fastenal 's president since July 2012, and this ..... indicator that the individual will lead the Fastenal organization. Fastenal 's new leadership

    4. Fastenal Reports Third-Quarter Results; New Employees Are Accelerating Company Profit Growth


      Fri, 10 Oct 2014

      We are maintaining Fastenal ’s wide moat rating and $45 fair ..... 40 share price before we would view Fastenal as undervalued, with a 4-star rating ..... dramatic operating margin improvement. Fastenal ’s report demonstrates that it can generate

    5. What Today’s Bond Prices Suggest About What Lies Ahead for Stocks


      Tue, 2 Sep 2014

      Full Analyst Report: Cimarex Energy Fastenal FAST Business Risk: Below Average Economic ..... Consider Selling: $82.70 or Above Fastenal has leveraged its vast product selection ..... through its 2,000-plus stores, Fastenal provides far more selection and convenience

    6. 2 Wide-Moat Companies That Deliver the Goods

      Video Reports

      Thu, 31 Jul 2014

      highlight Grainger and [TICKER:FAST] Fastenal , two wide moat-rated industrial distribution ..... suppliers. Grainger and [TICKER:FAST] Fastenal have both been beneficiaries of this ..... they use Grainger or [TICKER:FAST] Fastenal . Currently, both stocks have a 3

      Fastenal found at 0:06, 0:43, 1:19

      Kwame Webb: Today, I'd like to highlight Grainger and [TICKER:FAST] Fastenal , two wide moat-rated industrial distribution companies. Industrial distributors are similar to general merchandise stores, except they sell exclusively to businesses and manufacturers.
      industrial distributor than to maintain relationships with thousands of suppliers. Grainger and [TICKER:FAST] Fastenal have both been beneficiaries of this secular trend. As we think about these companies, they enjoy two moat sources, the first of
      realized that they don't need a salesforce; instead, they use Grainger or [TICKER:FAST] Fastenal . Currently, both stocks have a 3-star rating [from the Morningstar Rating for stocks]. However, Grainger trades at the larger discount to our
    7. Fastenal's Revenue Acceleration Continues, but Gross Margins Will Be Pressured in the Near-Term


      Fri, 11 Jul 2014

      Fastenal 's second-quarter results demonstrated ..... customers and narrower margins. While Fastenal typically targets, a 51%-53% gross ..... value estimate unchanged. We believe Fastenal 's long-term competitive position remains

    8. Bonds Deliver a Surprise


      Fri, 25 Apr 2014

      5-star territory. Other wide-moat businesses in 5-star territory include Dell DELL, Expeditors International EXPD, Fastenal FAST, Microsoft MSFT, UPS, and United Technologies UTX. Overall, the market may look neither cheap nor dear, but investors

    9. Fastenal Reports In-Line Earnings on Lower Margins; We Expect Better Performance in Late 2014


      Thu, 10 Apr 2014

      Fastenal generated an in-line first-quarter ..... 44 to reflect the time value of money. Fastenal ’s wide moat rating is unchanged. Total ..... fastener sales rose 14% year over year. Fastenal slowed growth in its vending machine business

    10. From Barron’s, March 10, 2014 (Part 2)


      Sat, 8 Mar 2014

      International [1910.hk/ SMSEY/SMSOF ; pg 21]; Buffett vs. Icahn [ BRK-A/B seems better valued than IEP ; pg 27]; Fastenal [ FAST ; CEO spotlight on Willard Oberton ; pg 38]. MET story http://online.barrons.com/article/SB50001424053111904628504579421211024505216

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