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  1. Union Pacific Elects Lance Fritz Chief Executive Officer


    Fri, 6 Feb 2015

    region, and vice president and general manager of the energy franchise. Before joining UP, Fritz worked at Fiskars, Cooper Industries , and General Electric. Fritz's predecessor as CEO, Jack Koraleski, shifts to executive chairman. Koraleski

  2. North American Sales Show Strength in Eaton's 2014 Results


    Tue, 3 Feb 2015

    continue to perform well in Eaton 's largest operating segment ..... over year to 15.3%, as Eaton experienced better operating ..... realized synergies from the Cooper acquisition. However, weakness ..... margins of 12.7% far below Eaton 's corporate average. With

  3. Eaton's Lower Guidance Doesn't Affect Our Narrow Moat Rating; Shares Slightly Undervalued


    Tue, 29 Jul 2014

    around 3%. Three out of Eaton ’s five operating segments ..... negatively affected sales in Eaton ’s electrical equipment ..... synergies from the recent Cooper acquisition. Based on the ..... distributor relationships support Eaton ’s narrow economic moat

  4. End Markets Continue to Improve for Eaton ; Shares Remain Undervalued


    Tue, 29 Apr 2014

    Narrow-moat Eaton boasted organic revenue growth of 4 ..... expect to see the earnings outlook for Eaton to improve. Eaton noted that the operating synergy plan related to Cooper remains on track. We expect margins

  5. Lots of Work Left to Do On Cooper Integration at Eaton ; 2014 Guidance In Line with Our Expectations


    Tue, 4 Feb 2014

    Eaton delivered fourth-quarter earnings of ..... our $84 per share fair value estimate for Eaton as the company's 2014 outlook is in sync ..... prior quarters, weak profitability held Eaton ’s earnings back in the fourth quarter. A

  6. Our Outlook for Industrials Stocks


    Tue, 31 Dec 2013

    High EUR 42.60 Data as of 12-16-2013. Eaton ETN Eaton 's 2012 acquisition of Cooper Industries transformed the company from being a play on ..... economic cycles. The market continues to discount Eaton due to a weak (but improving) truck cycle

  7. Eaton's Optimism About Nonresidential Construction and Europe Colors 3Q Results


    Fri, 25 Oct 2013

    Eaton delivered third-quarter earnings of ..... because of the higher mix of lower-margin Cooper businesses present in 2013, but not in ..... better plan production. The acquisition of Cooper makes Eaton more sensitive to the nonresidential construction

  8. Is the Door Closing on Corporates?

    Video Reports

    Wed, 6 Feb 2013

    Industrials weren't the cheapest sector but there were a lot of good situations, like [TICKER:ETN] Eaton Corporation bought Cooper , [TICKER:ECL] Ecolab in the chemical sector bought Nalco, [TICKER:RKT] Rock-Tenn which is in the

    Cooper found at 2:50

    the cheapest sector but there were a lot of good situations, like [TICKER:ETN] Eaton Corporation bought Cooper , [TICKER:ECL] Ecolab in the chemical sector bought Nalco, [TICKER:RKT] Rock-Tenn which is in the paper and packaging sector bought Smurfit-Stone. And in each of
  9. Eaton Reports 4Q Results; Cooper Integration Ahead of Schedule


    Tue, 5 Feb 2013

    related charges muddied Eaton 's ETN fourth-quarter ..... s progress on the Cooper integration appears ..... going well, allowing Eaton to pull forward accretion ..... material acquisitions for Eaton as the company works to integrate Cooper and other businesses

  10. Stocks Attractive on a Relative, But Not Absolute, Basis

    Video Reports

    Fri, 4 Jan 2013

    you mentioned Cooper --that was ..... you? Giroux: Cooper Industries was acquired by [TICKER:ETN] Eaton , basically ..... fundamentals at Cooper were very ..... the case of Cooper , it was a name ..... value, and Eaton stepped forward

    Cooper Industries found at 1:47

    well for us. Carlson: Drilling down little more, I think you mentioned Cooper --that was a company that was taken out at the premium for you? Giroux: Cooper Industries was acquired by [TICKER:ETN] Eaton , basically mid-year. It was a name that we've always thought was a likely takeout candidate, but we thought the fundamentals at Cooper were very, very attractive by themselves. Cooper is a great example of something we do every year, which is we try to find companies where we think there is some free optionality, where there's a potential for being taken out down the road, where the market is not pricing in that option. It's almost a "free optionality," if you will. So it seem like every year, we have a Cooper or an El Paso or a First Data that gets taken out and adds 20, 30, 40 basis points to the fund's performance. Carlson: But you are not necessarily betting on a takeover; it's more just the fact that these are companies that are in pretty good shape and trading relatively cheaply. Giroux: We don't want to ever pay up that option. Obviously, if we paid up for it, it wouldn't be free. And in the case of Cooper , it was a name that we thought over a long period of time created a lot of value, and Eaton stepped forward and paid a big premium for the stock--about 30%--premium and lot of us recognized that upside earlier. Carlson: And within
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