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    1. New Credit Rating: Clear Channel Outdoor


      Fri, 27 Aug 2010

      owned subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications , or CCU . In 2005, CCU ..... buyout in 2008. Clear Channel Outdoor lends to CCU through a $1 billion ..... be behind all of CCU 's secured debt. Clear Channel Outdoor's financial

    2. Decent 2Q for Clear Channel Outdoor


      Tue, 10 Aug 2010

      Clear Channel Outdoor CCO reported ..... estimate at this time. Clear Channel posted sales of ..... 5% in 2010. Clear Channel Communications Inc., also announced ..... program under which Clear Channel Communications may purchase up

    3. New Morningstar Analyst Report - Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings

      Stock Reports

      Fri, 15 Jan 2010

      shareholders in Clear Channel Outdoor are just ..... S. markets, Clear Channel allows national ..... built, cementing Clear Channel 's position in ..... Media (formerly Clear Channel Communications ) holds 89% of

    4. New Morningstar Analyst Report - Emmis Communications Corporation

      Stock Reports

      Fri, 8 Jan 2010

      three stations in New York and two stations in Los Angeles. In these cities, Emmis competes with larger firms such as Clear Channel CCU , whose five New York radio stations and eight Los Angeles stations allow it to more easily capture a wider swath of each

    5. Clear Channel Deal Amended


      Wed, 14 May 2008

      drawn-out buyout saga, Clear Channel Communications CCU and its private-equity ..... Bain Capital, to acquire Clear Channel for $36 per share (lower ..... long-term financing to Clear Channel ." In other words, the

    6. BCE Receives Government Approval


      Wed, 9 Apr 2008

      This was highlighted by the recent failure of Clear Channel Communications ' CCU attempt at going private. Three of the banks involved in the Clear Channel deal, Citigroup C, Royal Bank of Scotland

    7. Clear Channel under Review


      Wed, 26 Mar 2008

      Several media sources are reporting that the private-equity buyout of Clear Channel Communications CCU may not be completed. We're putting our fair value estimate under review as we reassess the intrinsic value of the company and the likelihood of the deal getting done.

    8. Disappointing 3Q for Radio One


      Mon, 12 Nov 2007

      the last two years. The station has been unable to bounce back from losing a star radio personality who now works for Clear Channel CCU , a major competitor in urban broadcasting. Radio One's overall operating expenses increased by 4%, which pushed the

    9. Lowering Radio One's Fair Value


      Fri, 17 Aug 2007

      the past two years. The station has not been able to bounce back from losing a star radio personality who now works for Clear Channel CCU , a major competitor in urban broadcasting. We think management has a poor record in capital allocation, and we believe

    10. Clear Channel Reports 2Q Results


      Fri, 27 Jul 2007

      Clear Channel Communications CCU reported second-quarter 2007 ..... top-line growth prospects for Clear Channel 's radio division (as well as ..... the United Kingdom. In April, Clear Channel agreed to sell its collection

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