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    1. The Best Dividend Growers, Part 29: Aflac


      Thu, 18 Sep 2014

      stocks. These stocks include: Aflac (NYSE: AFL ) Genworth Financial (NYSE: GNW ..... yield, the order is as follows: Aflac - 2.52% MetLife - 2.50% Torchmark ..... follows: Torchmark - 103.60% Aflac - 32.14% MetLife - (52.70

    2. Aflac to boost alternative investment exposure, limit private placements


      Tue, 16 Sep 2014

      CIO Eric Kirsch joined Aflac ( AFL -1.5% ) in 2011 with a 3-year plan to boost returns by cutting allocations to JGBs. He also pulled back from private placements

    3. Why You Should Look Behind Aflac Headline Earnings Figures


      Thu, 4 Sep 2014

      By Ray Merola : Aflac Incorporated (NYSE: AFL ) has an unusual corporate profile ..... arise on this topic every quarter. Aflac is based in Columbus, Georgia ..... exchange rate doesn't really matter to Aflac . Let's start by reviewing Aflac

    4. Dividend Portfolio Sector Allocation


      Thu, 4 Sep 2014

      most. However, the past several months have seen me add to my financial holdings in Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC ), Aflac (NYSE: AFL ), Chubb (NYSE: CB ) and new positions Complete Story »

    5. New Morningstar Analyst Report for Aflac Inc

      Stock Reports

      Sun, 31 Aug 2014

      supplemental policies. This could affect Aflac 's sales through Japan Post as well ..... companies to compete directly with Aflac in issuing supplemental policies ..... around 75%) than in Japan. As Aflac attempts to grow in this underpenetrated

    6. Why Aflac Is So Cheap


      Mon, 25 Aug 2014

      By Aristofanis Papadatos : Many investors wonder how Aflac (NYSE: AFL ) can trade at only 10 times its earnings per share ..... things even more surprising, premium companies like Aflac , which has raised its dividend for 31 consecutive years

    7. Dividend Stock Analysis: Aflac Incorporated


      Mon, 18 Aug 2014

      detailed quantitative analysis of Aflac Incorporated (NYSE: AFL ). Below are some highlights from ..... analysis: Company Description: Aflac Incorporated provides supplemental ..... P/E Price 4. Graham Number AFL is trading at a premium to all

    8. Would John Templeton See Light At The End Of Aflac's Tunnel?


      Wed, 6 Aug 2014

      the tunnel, you have already missed the bottom." Aflac (NYSE: AFL ) is the largest seller and underwriter of supplemental ..... individual insurance policies in Japan. Additionally, Aflac sells life, health, Complete Story »

    9. Aflac ’s Policy Sales Continue to Fall in 2Q; No Change to Our Fair Value Estimate


      Wed, 30 Jul 2014

      Aflac ’s second-quarter results were marred by ..... in WAYS life policy sales. Nonetheless, Aflac was able to hold its margins at 20% through ..... 60 per share and narrow moat rating for Aflac . We continue to see troubles brewing in Aflac

    10. Checking Retirement Readiness--and Streamlining Along the Way


      Tue, 3 Jun 2014

      IRA: Consumer Discr Select SPDR XLY 8,228 0.40 Don's Rollover IRA: Cash 427 0.02 N/A Don's Rollover IRA: Aflac AFL 11,655 0.57 Don's Rollover IRA: Cigna CI 9,291 0.45 Don's Rollover IRA: Covidien COV 11,020 0.54 Don

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