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    1. AMD's Seattle Chip: Its Advantages Against Intel Xeon D


      Thu, 18 Sep 2014

      s a well-known fact that Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD ) has lagged Intel (NASDAQ ..... collectively had a grueling impact on AMD . But the chipmaker's upcoming ..... could turn the tables around for AMD . Different approach To begin

    2. Recovery In The Core Business Segment Of AMD Will Push It Higher


      Sun, 14 Sep 2014

      has proved to be beneficial for Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD ) - the company has focused extensively ..... sales continue to decline for AMD and the company is looking at ..... survival globally. Recently, AMD has also announced to develop

    3. Advanced Micro Devices : A Historic Turn-Around In The Making


      Sun, 14 Sep 2014

      By Soid Ahmad : Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD ), a semiconductor company, is ..... to the problems of the company. AMD revised its strategy in late 2012 ..... back in semiconductor industry. AMD is redirecting its efforts towards

    4. ARM Holdings Has 3 Advantages Over Its Peers


      Thu, 11 Sep 2014

      last 12 months. Of course the red-headed step child of the chip industry is Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD ). Among these three, Intel gets the most press, AMD seems like a mess, and ARM is set to impress. In fact, ARM has three clear

    5. AMD : The Long-Term Opportunity Is Still Strong


      Wed, 27 Aug 2014

      By Renu Singh : Advanced Micro Devices ' (NYSE: AMD ) dream run came to an end after ..... consensus estimates on the bottom line. AMD reported adjusted profit of $0 ..... way better than last year, when AMD reported a loss of $65 million

    6. How Do SSD Market Efforts Impact AMD ?


      Mon, 25 Aug 2014

      a run for its money in the past decade it is Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD ). The semiconductor maker doesn't just compete ..... segments like gaming and more recently storage. AMD announced its entry into the storage space with

    7. Why HP's $199 Laptop Is Good For AMD


      Tue, 19 Aug 2014

      Packard (NYSE: HPQ ), will bode well for Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD ) shareholders. AMD fell sharply after speculators bid its share ..... strong quarter thanks to a rebound in PCs. Yet AMD 's rebound is merely delayed. Introducing

    8. Advanced Micro Devices Might Reward Patient Investors


      Thu, 14 Aug 2014

      By IAEResearch : Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD ) seems to be doing well as the ..... about 11%. In the middle of July, AMD experienced a steep fall which ate ..... and how this event will be key for AMD . In this article we will talk about

    9. Nvidia: Strong Earnings, Ample Growth Opportunities


      Mon, 11 Aug 2014

      also a factor. The stock rose around 8% the following day, and it seems that the troubles that rival Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD ) is currently struggling with aren't negatively affecting Nvidia. Earnings overview Here is a table

    10. New Morningstar Analyst Report for Advanced Micro Devices Inc

      Stock Reports

      Fri, 18 Jul 2014

      acquisition made sense for AMD , as it was small in size ..... server market. Currently, AMD does not have a dividend or ..... excess cash to shareholders. Advanced Micro Devices designs and produces microprocessors ..... are in the computer market. AMD acquired graphics processor

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