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  1. Apple: A Story Of A Buy And Hold


    Mon, 15 Sep 2014

    By Nicholas Mushaike : On June 11, 2014 in the article Overlooked Upside potential in Apple's acquisition of Beats Electronics , I mentioned that we are witnessing a paradigm shift from a product-oriented mind-set to a market oriented in Apple's history. And boy was I right. The release of the ...

  2. MannKind In Turmoil: Is It Time To Buy Or Sell?


    Fri, 12 Sep 2014

    and thus, a "conservative" options strategy that accounted for this risk would prove superior to the standard buy - and - hold strategy. In spite of devising a strategy that captured 50% potential upside -- in the event that regulatory approval

  3. Move On CYS Investments' Quarterly Dividend, 13% Yield And Future Opportunity


    Thu, 11 Sep 2014

    see it hold steady than drop. The stock is still paying a 13.6% yield, and that continues to get our support to buy and hold this stock, but the reduction in the dividend deserves a hard look at the numbers. In reviewing the second quarter

  4. Arena Pharmaceuticals - A Biotech Value Investment


    Wed, 10 Sep 2014

    article, I'll detail why now, more than ever, Arena could be the best value investment for a long-term biotech buy and hold . The Growing Obesity Market Probably the biggest disappointment for obesity drug investors has been the Complete Story

  5. Stock Selection, Valuation, And Risk: The Wal-Mart Example


    Mon, 8 Sep 2014

    discuss how I evaluated Wal-Mart ( WMT ), which I regard as the benchmark for my investments. General I'm a buy - and - hold investor, who needs at least 1.5% dividend yield on my portfolio to cover taxes (as a Complete Story »

  6. Buy and Hold


    Fri, 5 Sep 2014

    Does a buy and hold strategy work well with CEFs? It seems as though many investors on the forums in CEFs are active traders.

  7. Yield On Cost: A Vitally Important Consideration For Retired Investors


    Thu, 4 Sep 2014

    the equity portion of a retiree's portfolio, I believe that the most prudent course of action is a long-term buy - and - hold , invest-in-the-business philosophy. From my point of view, strategies based on trading stocks, or playing

  8. Realty Income: A Textbook Study Of Opportunity Cost And Patient Income Investing


    Thu, 28 Aug 2014

    as something that should be held until I'm six feet under, there are certainly companies that elicit a perpetual buy and hold mentality. In the REIT realm, Realty Income (NYSE: O ), an owner of generally triple net, stand alone, commercial

  9. Ensco Looks Attractive At Current Levels


    Thu, 28 Aug 2014

    levels. This article elaborates on this conclusion and discusses the factors that make Ensco an attractive stock to buy and hold . Big Pipeline Of New Rigs Ensco has eight new rigs to be delivered by 2016. This includes one rig to be delivered

  10. Economic Expansion Till 2016


    Mon, 25 Aug 2014

    interest costs rise, tax rates remain stable and P/E multiples decline to the 57-year average. In this scenario, buy - and - hold index investors would earn approximately 3% per year for seven years. That isn’t to say that the short to medium

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