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  1. Q2 2015 Putnam Capital Markets Outlook


    Tue, 28 Apr 2015

    that era. As an example of this differentiation, consider the BRIC countries — Brazil, Russia, India, and China. Ten years ago ..... economist trained by MIT and who worked at the IMF. Today, the BRIC countries have very little in common when it comes to investment

  2. Vanguard’s Economic and Investment Outlook


    Wed, 4 Mar 2015

    currently weak economic growth environment for China and other BRIC countries 9 should not carry over to our expectations for long-term equity market returns. Markets are forward-looking ..... interest rates, respectively. 8 See Philips and Thomas (2013) 9 BRIC countries include Brazil, Russia, India, and China References

  3. Opinions All Over the Map on Foreign Stocks


    Sun, 1 Feb 2015

    Homebrewer said he or she is retired and gave up on foreign stocks last year. "I just do not see the allure for emerging markets, BRIC , and Europe right now," homebrewer wrote. "Their economies are not expanding and their debt seems to be rising. ... With

  4. No Surprises in Varian's 1Q; Maintaining Our Fair Value Estimate


    Thu, 29 Jan 2015

    to our long-term thesis for the company. The company benefited from a big tender win in China, and for the BRICA region ( BRIC and Africa), its orders grew at a nice 30% clip. BRICA composed 15% of total oncology orders in the quarter, and with Edge

  5. 15 Charts to Keep Your Eyes on for ’15


    Fri, 9 Jan 2015

    China’s market capitalization has surpassed that of other BRIC countries combined. 10. Brightest of the Bunch Although gold had another down year ..... trading gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals. BRIC refers to the emerging market countries Brazil, Russia, India

  6. With Less Chinese Support, BRICs Tumble


    Tue, 30 Dec 2014

    is at work for other commodities. It is still early going; nobody can be sure how quickly China will adjust or how far the BRIC thesis will unravel. The only certainty: It is going to be messy. Ray PS I would suggest the above would not apply nearly

  7. Why Consider Brazil Now?


    Tue, 4 Nov 2014

    part because years of negative investor sentiment towards this BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) country have depressed valuations ..... potentially strengthened the margin of safety. For five years, the BRIC markets have underperformed U.S. equities by a wide margin

  8. Investors Find Fear Everywhere


    Sun, 2 Nov 2014

    some emerging-market funds featuring BRICs [Brazil, Russia, India, and China] and into more frontier-market and non- BRIC emerging-market small-cap ETFs," the commenter said. "While I think the funds are well-administered, the fact that

  9. 600 Million Reasons to Keep Your Eyes on India


    Tue, 7 Oct 2014

    in the world today. Wood went on to argue that among the four BRIC countries—Brazil, Russia and China included—India is the best ..... sanctions, it’s hardly an intellectual feat to declare India the BRIC country with the greatest potential. The chart below places

  10. Understanding Emerging Market Indices


    Tue, 30 Sep 2014

    And, when combined with opportunities in lesser known emerging or frontier markets (as evidenced by the greater ranges of BRIC returns earlier in their development), there’s a clear case for a more active approach to emerging market investing

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