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  1. Estimating Stocks' Fair Values a Complex Process


    Tue, 1 May 2012

    Consider Buying and Consider Selling prices for stocks with high uncertainty ratings might look over-the-top, but Lauren DeSanto , COO of Morningstar's equity and credit research department, says these prices reflect the level of unpredictability

  2. Top Sector Bets Made by Our Ultimate Stock-Pickers


    Tue, 14 Dec 2010

    right now. Procter & Gamble PG Morningstar analyst Lauren DeSanto believes that much like consumers, Procter & Gamble ..... markets more than two years ago. Morningstar analyst Lauren DeSanto expects the firm to face a challenging sales environment

  3. CAGNY Day 3: Household and Personal Care


    Thu, 19 Feb 2009

    experience with coping through recessionary periods and their outlook that over the long term, household staples should, depending on the category, display recession-resistant characteristics. Lauren DeSanto contributed to this note.

  4. New 5-Star Stocks: A Credit Card Giant Is on Sale


    Mon, 22 Jan 2007

    Elizabeth Arden Business Risk : Average Economic Moat : None Price/Fair Value Ratio *: 0.75 Morningstar analyst Lauren DeSanto can't imagine Elizabeth Taylor, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Britney Spears building a moat, but they're helping

  5. Cosmetics Entering Midtier Chains


    Wed, 12 Apr 2006

    think that the jury is still out as to whether Sephora is the right solution for J.C. Penney as it attempts to offer beauty care products to its customers again. Morningstar stock analyst Lauren DeSanto contributed to this Analyst Note.

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