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Mortgage Denial Rates Fall, but Racial Gap Persists: Black Applicants Twice as Likely as Whites to be Denied a Conventional Loan PR Newswire 04/19/18 EDT
Zillow Group to Announce First Quarter 2018 Results on May 7 GlobeNewswire 04/18/18 EDT
UPDATE: Morgan Stanley downgrades Zillow stock on home-buying venture MarketWatch 04/18/18 EDT
UPDATE: This stock is flirting with a 'massive' flipping win in real estate MarketWatch 04/17/18 EDT
UPDATE: This stock is flirting with a -2- MarketWatch 04/17/18 EDT
Homes Sold Faster than Ever in 2017 PR Newswire 04/17/18 EDT
UPDATE: Now Zillow won't just show you a home -- it will sell it to you MarketWatch 04/16/18 EDT
UPDATE: Zillow is entering the home-flipping business MarketWatch 04/13/18 EDT
Zillow Expands Instant Offers to Phoenix; Will Work with Agents to Test Buying and Selling Homes Directly PR Newswire 04/12/18 EDT
Black Homebuyers Could Afford 55 Percent of U.S. Homes for Sale in 2017 PR Newswire 04/11/18 EDT
UPDATE: Charting a corrective bounce, U.S. -2- MarketWatch 04/10/18 EDT
UPDATE: Charting a corrective bounce, U.S. benchmarks spike amid bearish second-quarter start MarketWatch 04/10/18 EDT
Homes "Earn" Minimum Wage or More in Nearly Half the Nation's Largest Cities PR Newswire 04/09/18 EDT
Homes with 'Heated Floors,' 'Steam Showers,' or 'Outdoor Kitchens' Sell for Nearly 30 Percent More than Expected PR Newswire 04/04/18 EDT
North Brooklyn Rents See Discounts Ahead of L Train Shutdown PR Newswire 03/29/18 EDT
Rental Inventory in San Francisco Rises, While Rent Growth Slows PR Newswire 03/28/18 EDT
Chicago's Rental Inventory Rises, While Rent Growth Remains Steady PR Newswire 03/28/18 EDT
Atlanta Renters Are Paying $70 More in Monthly Rent, Even as Rental Inventory Increases PR Newswire 03/28/18 EDT
Selling a House in 2018 Can Cost More than $18,000 PR Newswire 03/27/18 EDT
CarGurus, Inc. Appoints Greg Schwartz to its Board of Directors PR Newswire 03/26/18 EDT