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Morningstar StockInvestor: If You Arenít Beating the S&P, start now!
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Buying Core Stocks at a Discount and Beating the Market!

Morningstar StockInvestor editor Paul Larson likes great companies with unassailable competitive positions - known as "wide-moat companies" in Morningstar lingo. And Paul buys these companies only when he thinks they are cheap enough to provide a margin of safety: Paul’s favorite companies are those priced irrationally low relative to their long-term intrinsic values.

Given Paul’s focus on wide-moat companies with a margin of safety, Morningstar StockInvestor’s portfolios are poised to thrive in any economic climate. And thrive they have. For six years, Morningstar StockInvestor's portfolios have nearly doubled the return of the S&P 500 during the same period.

You can benefit from Paul’s core-stock approach with a subscription to Morningstar StockInvestor.

Your Subscription Includes:

  • Monthly issues featuring Paul’s discussion of his latest changes to the portfolios and watchlists, a rundown of new stocks on his radar screen, notes from visits to Paul’s favorite companies, and comprehensive data on wide-moat companies.
  • Four free reports written by Paul that help you make the most of your subscription: “Buying Core Stocks the Morningstar StockInvestor Way,” “How to Judge a Company's Management Team,” “20 Best Companies in the World,” and “Best International Stocks Today.”
  • E-mail alerts from Paul whenever he makes a change to the portfolios. Paul will also e-mail you with his opinions about events and/or changes related to the companies on his watchlist and in his portfolios, as well as his thoughts on the market.
  • Access to Morningstar StockInvestor’s companion Web site, where you can download the current issue before it arrives in your mailbox. You can also read the latest news about the stocks Paul follows, track daily performance of the portfolios and stocks in the watchlists, and manage your portfolio alerts.
Annualized Return*
*Inception 6/18/01 to 6/30/08
Our Picks 7.3%
S&P 500 Index
Free Reports
Free Report

Buying Core Stocks the Morningstar StockInvestor Way

How To Judge a Company’s Management Team

20 Best Companies in the World

Where to Invest in 2009 - Limited Time Only!

Best International Stocks Today

Features Include:
  • Two market-beating portfolios
  • Watchlist of core stocks
  • International stocks watchlist
  • Buy and sell guidance
  • Detailed stock analyses
  • Company spotlight
  • Subscriber only Web site
  • Weekly phone hotline
  • Periodic conference calls with editor and analyst
  • And more!
What Readers Say

"I wanted to personally thank you for the incredible research that you and the team at Morningstar have been providing to me and other customers on a daily basis. Morningstar is the only research firm I trust [when] making my stock selections."
Carsten Prause, Alpharetta, GA

"After just two issues, Morningstar StockInvestor was a must-have for me. Absolutely fantastic!"
John Soumilas, Landing, NJ

"Clear, concise, to the point. Great!"
Sridhar Borra, Milpitas, CA

Morningstar Guarantee

After reviewing your first issue, if you are not completely satisfied, simply call us before you receive your second issue for a full refund. The issue and the free reports are yours to keep with our compliments.