Guide to Mutual Funds
Five-Star Strategies for Success
The definitive guide on fund investing, Guide to Funds belongs on every fund investor’s bookshelf. From newcomer to seasoned pro, all levels of investors will benefit from author Christine Benz’s review of how to pick funds, how to find new ideas for your portfolio, how to put those ideas together into a portfolio that’s geared toward your own personal goals, and how to monitor that portfolio over time. Also includes the most-frequently asked questions about funds, including what you should do when your fund manager leaves or your fund’s rating changes, whether you should or shouldn’t buy rookie funds, how to pay less in mutual fund taxes, and more!  

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Chapter 1: Know What Your Fund Owns

Chapter 2: Put Performance in Perspective

Chapter 3: Understand the Risks

Chapter 4: Get to Know Your Fund Manager

Chapter 5: Keep a Lid on Costs

Chapter 6: Find the Right Core Funds for You

Chapter 7: Move Beyond the Core: Using Specialized Stock Funds

Chapter 8: Find the Right Core Bond Fund for You

Chapter 9: Move Beyond the Core: Using Specialized Bond Funds

Chapter 10: Match Your Portfolio to Your Goals

Chapter 11: Put Your Portfolio Plan Into Action

Chapter 12: Simplify Your Investment Life

Chapter 13: Be Savvy When Seeking Advice

Chapter 14: Schedule Regular Checkups

Chapter 15: Know When to Sell

Chapter 16: Keep a Cool Head in Turbulent Markets
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