UPDATE: Mega markets Yankees and Cubs lead MLB's Division Series ticket pricing

10/06/17 06:54 AM EDT

By Rachel Koning Beals

Dodgers, Red Sox drawing demand with relatively 'cheap' pricing, says ticket brokerage TicketIQ

The talent on the field may not matter, at least not yet, when it comes to filling up the stadiums hosting MLB's League Division Series -- and in determining how much fans are willing to spend on the road to the World Series.

If Chicago Cubs fans want to see their team win their second World Series in two -- and 109 -- years, they'll have to pay a lot to do it in person.

Major markets are driving top demand for post-season tickets, according to secondary-market ticket brokerage TicketIQ.com--and that means the Chicago Cubs and the New York Yankees.

In Chicago, the Cubs will host games three and four of their best-of-five matchup with the Washington Nationals. Those two games sport by far the most expensive secondary-market tickets, at least according to TicketIQ.

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With an average ticket price of $402, Cubs tickets are over 15% more expensive than the next highest team, which is the Yankees at $348, TicketIQ is showing on its site.

This is actually the defending World Series Champs' cheapest NLDS series of the past three years. With their win, in seven games, last November over the Cleveland Indians, the Cubs snapped a 108-year-old World Series dry spell. It turns out, the anticipation of that history-making feat proved more valuable: The 2016 NLDS versus the San Francisco Giants averaged $572 per ticket, while 2015's average was $680 per ticket, according to TicketIQ.

CHICAGO CUBS  Average ticket price  Cheapest Ticket  Division Series Opponent 
2017          $402                  $141             Washington Nationals 
2016          $572                  $176             San Francisco Giants 
2015          $680                  $200             St. Louis Cardinals 

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While the Cubs are getting cheaper, the Yankees have seen the biggest increase in Divisional Series ticket prices. At a $348 average, that price dwarfs the $213 average for the Yanks' ALDS series with Baltimore in 2012 and more than doubles 2011's $151 average versus the Tigers.

NEW YORK YANKEES  Average ticket price  Cheapest Ticket  Division Series Opponent 
2017              $348                  $74              Cleveland Indians 
2012              $213                  $39              Baltimore Orioles 
2011              $151                  $45              Detroit Tigers 
2010              $213                  $45              Minnesota Twins 

Two other major market teams responsible for much of the demand are Boston's Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers, and this is due to their relatively affordable costs, said TicketIQ's Jesse Lawrence.

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The Red Sox saw a 35% lift in post-season prices compared to the regular season. Still, fans can snare get-in-the-gate (meaning standing room only) tickets for around $75 in the Division Series, with the average seat costing less than $200.

BOSTON RED SOX  Average ticket price  Cheapest Ticket  Division Series Opponent 
2017            $190                  $76              Houston Astros 
2016            $306                  $119             Cleveland Indians 
2013            $315                  $71              Tampa Rays 

And out west, the Dodgers can claim a fifth-straight NLDS with fans being able to get in the door for under $50.

-Rachel Koning Beals; 415-439-6400; AskNewswires@dowjones.com

LOS ANGELES DODGERS  Average ticket price  Cheapest Ticket  Division Series Opponent 
2017                 $141                  $46              Arizona Diamondbacks 
2012                 $141                  $36              Washington Nationals 
2015                 $188                  $43              New York Mets 
2014                 $123                  $41              St. Louis Cardinals 
2013                 $173                  $44              Atlanta Braves 

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