News Highlights: Top Financial Services News of the Day

03/06/18 12:15 AM EST
Fed Considering 'Broad Revisions' to Volcker Rule Compliance 

The Federal Reserve is considering "broad revisions" to how banks comply with a rule that prevents them from engaging in certain types of trading and investing.

Chicago Stock Exchange Ends Proposed Sale to Chinese Investors 

The Chicago Stock Exchange has ended a two-year effort to sell a major stake to Chinese investors, after U.S. regulators rejected the deal last month.

Next Up for Amazon: Checking Accounts is in talks with big banks about building a checking-account-like product the e-commerce giant could offer customers.

AXA to Buy Insurer XL Group for $15.3 Billion 

French financial giant AXA said it would buy New York-listed insurance company XL Group for $15.3 billion, creating one of the world's biggest property and casualty insurers.

Credit-Card Losses Surge at Small Banks 

Small banks have been fighting for a bigger piece of the credit-card market in search of higher returns. Now, they're contending with rising losses.

Berkshire Hathaway Is Again Expanding in Germany 

Berkshire Hathaway's real-estate brokerage network is adding its first international franchisee, in Berlin, broadening the conglomerate's ties to Germany.

Big Banks Enter Branch Warfare 

JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America have announced plans recently to open branches in new markets. Investors shouldn't dismiss these moves.

Why Some Pension Funds Aren't Giving Up Their Guns 

U.S. public pension funds have been largely silent in the face of growing pressure to divest holdings in gun manufacturers, illustrating how complicated the issue has become for overseers of retirement assets as their liabilities rise and funding problems mount.

U.S.-Stock Funds Gave Up Nearly All of 2018's Gains in Jittery February 

After a lull, volatility is back, and fund investors are feeling it.

Why the Strong Economy Is a Poor Predictor for the Stock Market 

The stock market usually tops out well before the economy slips into a recession.


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