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10/06/17 02:47 AM EDT

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The stock rally continued, notching new milestones. The S&P 500 posted its longest record streak in 20 years.

American shale firms are starting to ease up on drilling as they confront technological, operational and financial obstacles.

Lighthizer plans to propose core Nafta changes in a bid to force auto plants in Mexico back to the U.S.

A U.S. trade panel backed Whirlpool in its effort to limit competition from foreign washing-machine firms.

YouTube moved to promote more authoritative sources after news searches this week yielded videos peddling misinformation.

Facebook cut references to Russia from a public report in April about manipulation of its platform.

The CFPB moved to curtail payday-lending practices with a rule that brings the industry under federal oversight.

Finra's subpar investment returns are compounding its members' financial challenges, some brokerages say.

Netflix is raising prices for its video-streaming services in the U.S. as it spends huge amounts on content.

Honeywell is pursuing a deal for Evoqua, which is laying groundwork for an IPO.


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