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U.S. Dollar Index Trading Lower Ahead of Data Benzinga 01:40 PM EST
USD/CAD Moves Down Benzinga 01:36 PM EST
Aetna's $34 Billion Humana Takeover Blocked By Judge As Anti-Competitive Benzinga 12:30 PM EST
Mid-Day Market Update: Marinus Pharma Surges Following Preliminary Study Update; QUALCOMM Shares Slide Benzinga 12:15 PM EST
EUR/USD Higher Ahead of Data Benzinga 11:33 AM EST
USD/JPY Trading Lower Ahead of Data Benzinga 11:26 AM EST
Dept. Of Housing And Urban Development Has Suspended Plan To Offer FHA Premium Cut Benzinga 10:48 AM EST
GBP/USD Extends Gains Benzinga 10:20 AM EST
AUD/USD Trading Higher Benzinga 10:14 AM EST
New President, Same Markets: Investors Await More Detail From Washington Benzinga 10:10 AM EST
EUR/USD Trading Higher, Euro Area Consumer Confidence Edges Up Benzinga 10:06 AM EST
Carl Icahn: Trump Left 'No Doubt Our Dangerous Slide Towards Socialism Is Over' Benzinga 10:04 AM EST
Mid-Morning Market Update: Markets Open Slightly Lower; McDonald's Beats Q4 Estimates Benzinga 09:57 AM EST
The Market In 5 Minutes: McDonald's, Halliburton Ramp Up Q4 Earnings Season Benzinga 09:00 AM EST
USD/CAD Edges Up, Canadian Manufacturing Sales Ease Benzinga 08:36 AM EST
20 Stocks Moving In Monday's Pre-Market Session Benzinga 08:19 AM EST
A Peek Into The Markets: U.S. Stock Futures Edge Lower Ahead Of McDonald's, Yahoo! Earnings Benzinga 07:33 AM EST
U.S. Dollar Index Trading Lower Benzinga 06:34 AM EST
GBP/USD Trading Higher Benzinga 06:30 AM EST
USD/CAD Trading Lower Ahead of Data Benzinga 06:27 AM EST
EUR/USD Trading Higher Ahead of Data Benzinga 06:24 AM EST
AUD/USD Little Changed Benzinga 06:18 AM EST
USD/JPY Trading Lower, Leading Index in Japan Improves Benzinga 06:15 AM EST
Economic Data Scheduled For Monday Benzinga 05:09 AM EST
Earnings Scheduled For January 23, 2017 Benzinga 04:52 AM EST
To Change Or Not To Change: Altaba Coming For Yahoo? Benzinga 01/22/17 EST
How Many Of Trump's Cabinet Spots Are Unfilled? Benzinga 01/22/17 EST
Q&A With Hedge Fund Industry Expert Don Steinbrugge: Rituals, Role Models And Investing In Cannabis Benzinga 01/21/17 EST
Twitter Mistakenly Forces 560,000 Users To Follow @Potus; Facebook Post Calling Out Incident Altered Benzinga 01/21/17 EST
17 Must-Watch Metrics In The New Trump Era Benzinga 01/20/17 EST
USD/JPY Moves Down Benzinga 01/20/17 EST
Mid-Afternoon Market Update: Skyworks Surges After Strong Earnings Report; Affimed Shares Drop Benzinga 01/20/17 EST
Is There A Massive Conflict With Google Advertising Its Own Products On Google Searches? Benzinga 01/20/17 EST
Here's How Gas Prices Have Looked On The Last 5 Inauguration Days Benzinga 01/20/17 EST
Twitter Investors Don't Care About Trump's New Twitter Handles Benzinga 01/20/17 EST
Trump Dump? Market Sells Off During Trump's Inauguration Speech Benzinga 01/20/17 EST
5 Reasons Why 2017 Might Be The Year To Speculate On Forex Benzinga 01/20/17 EST
Cannabis Industry Expert Jay Czarkowski On The Challenges Of Marijuana Legalization And Business Compliance Benzinga 01/20/17 EST
12 Biggest Mid-Day Gainers For Friday Benzinga 01/20/17 EST
U.S. Dollar Index Little Lower Benzinga 01/20/17 EST
Mid-Day Market Update: Crude Oil Up 2.8%; Bristol-Myers Squibb Shares Slide After Opdivo Decision Benzinga 01/20/17 EST
Syndax's CEO Presents 3 Immediate Objectives, Possible Partnerships, Drug Pricing And More Benzinga 01/20/17 EST
While Other Companies Ride The Trump Tide, Boeing Scales Back Benzinga 01/20/17 EST
USD/CAD Gains Erode Benzinga 01/20/17 EST
USD/JPY Little Changed Benzinga 01/20/17 EST
AUD/USD Trading Lower Benzinga 01/20/17 EST
GBP/USD Little Lower Benzinga 01/20/17 EST
EUR/USD Little Changed Benzinga 01/20/17 EST
Schlumberger CEO Greets Investors With Some Brutal Honesty On Conference Call Benzinga 01/20/17 EST
Less Than Half The Country Wants To Watch The Inauguration Today Benzinga 01/20/17 EST