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Growth Grade

The Morningstar Growth Grade is based on the trend in revenue per share using data from the past five years. For the purpose of calculating revenue per share we use the past five years' revenue figures and corresponding year-end fully diluted shares outstanding; if year-end fully diluted shares outstanding is not available, we calculate this figure by dividing the company's reported net income applicable to common shareholders by the reported fully diluted earnings per share. A company must have a minimum of four consecutive years of positive and non-zero revenue, including the latest fiscal year, to qualify for a grade.

In calculating the revenue per share growth rate, we calculate the slope of the regression line of historical revenue per share. We then divide the slope of the regression line by the arithmetic average of historical revenue per share figures. The result of the regression is a normalized historical increase or decrease in the rate of growth for sales per share. We then calculate a z-score by subtracting the universe mean revenue growth from the company's revenue growth, and dividing by the standard deviation of the universe's growth rates.

Stocks are sorted based on the z-score of their revenue per share growth rate calculated above, from the most negative z-score to the most positive z-score. Stocks are then ranked based on their z-score from 1 to the total number of qualified stocks. We assign grades based on this ranking.

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