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Fund Inception Date

The date on which the fund began its operations.

The inception year is followed by the month. A fund with an inception date of February 1986, for example, would be listed as 1986-02. Funds with long track records offer more history by which investors can assess overall fund performance. However, another important factor to consider is the fund manager and his or her tenure with the fund. Often a change in fund performance can indicate a change in management.

The commencement date indicates when a fund began investing in the market. Many investors prefer funds with longer operating histories. Funds with longer histories have longer track records and can thereby provide investors with a more long-standing picture of their performance. Because of the explosion in the mutual fund industry, the fund universe now consists of thousands of investment offerings. Many of these new contenders have very little history by which an investor can hope to gauge their possible performance in various market climates.

This information is taken directly from the fund's annual report.

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